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Ant mill

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An ant mill is an observed phenomenon in which a group of army ants, which are blind, are separated from the main foraging party, lose the pheromone track and begin to follow one another, forming a continuously rotating circle The ants will eventually die of exhaustion It has been reproduced in laboratories and has been produced in ant colony simulations The phenomenon is a side effect of the self-organizing structure of ant colonies Each ant follows the ant in front of it, which works until something goes wrong, and an ant mill forms An ant mill was first described by William Beebe in 1921 who observed a mill 1200 ft ~370 m in circumference It took each ant 25 hours to make one revolution Similar phenomena have been noted in processionary caterpillars and fish

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  • Information cascade
  • Feedback loop
  • Stigmergy
  • Woozle effect


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  • Ant mill videos:
    • https://wwwyoutubecom/watchv=nGlzoT0sLaM
    • https://wwwyoutubecom/watchv=jtrWlRNXmNw
    • https://wwwyoutubecom/watchv=Gu7mzTPHeJI
    • https://wwwyoutubecom/watchv=mA37cb10WMU
  • A software simulation of an ant mill Russian

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