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Anjuta is an integrated development environment written for the GNOME project5 It has support for the C,6 C++,6 Java, JavaScript, Python and Vala programming languages It comes standard on base installation DVDs of major Linux distributions such as Ubuntu,7 openSUSE,7 Fedora,7 and Mandriva Linuxcitation needed amongst others


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Anjuta DevStudio 2xedit

Anjuta extras
Stable release360 / October 26, 2012; 4 years ago 2012-10-26

The goal of Anjuta DevStudio is to provide a customizable and extensible IDE framework and at the same time provide implementations of common development tools Libanjuta is the framework that realizes the Anjuta IDE plugin framework and Anjuta DevStudio realizes many of the common development plugins

It integrates programming tools such as the Glade Interface Designer and the Devhelp API help browser


Anjuta features:

  • an interactive debugger built over GDB and integrated compiler8
  • a source code editor with source browsing,
  • code completion and syntax highlighting,
  • project management,8
  • application wizards8
  • version control system integration


The German magazine LinuxUser recognized Anjuta 100 released in 2002 as a good step to increase the number of native GNOME/GTK applications, stating that the application has a very intuitive GUI and new useful features9

See alsoedit

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Further readingedit

  • Schulz, Hajo 2002 "Selbst geschneidert — Software-Kollektion für Entwickler" c't in German 13:150 

External linksedit

  • Official website

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