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anjali, anjali pichai
Anjali Devanagari : अञ्जली; अंजली is a Sanskrit word that means "divine offering" It is not only a given name, but also the name given to the greeting between Hindus, Buddhists and other religions on the Indian Continent: hands folded together


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Use as a name

  • Anjali film actress born 1987, Indian actress
  • Anjali Abrol born 1990, Indian actress
  • Anjali Bhagwat born 1969, Indian shooter
  • Anjali Bhimani, Indian-American actress
  • Anjali Damania, Indian anti-corruption activist and politician
  • Anjali Devi 1927–2014, Indian actress and producer
  • Anjali Forber-Pratt born 1984, American wheelchair racer
  • Anjali Gopalan born 1957, Indian human and animal rights activist
  • Anjali Gupta born 1975 - died 2011, Indian former officer in the Indian Air Force
  • Anjali Jay born 1975, English actress
  • Anjali Joseph born 1978, British-Indian author, journalist, and teacher
  • Anjali Lavania born 1985, Indian actress and model
  • Anjali Mendes 1946–2010, Indian fashion model
  • Anjali Patil born 1987, Indian actress
  • Anjali Pendharker born 1959, Indian cricketer
  • Anjali Sharma born 1956, Indian cricketer
  • Anjali Sharma Raichand, a fictional character from the Karan Johar's 2001 film, Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham
  • Anjali Sudhakar born 1972, Indian actress
  • Anjali World born 1992, Indian singer-songwriter and marine conservationist


  • Anjali 1957 film, directed by Chetan Anand
  • Anjali 1977 film, directed by I V Sasi
  • Anjali 1990 film, directed by Mani Ratnam

Other uses

  • Anjali TV series, a 2006 Indian Tamil-language soap opera
  • Añjali Mudrā, a hand gesture which consists of putting the palms together in front of the chest
  • Anjali Pictures, an Indian film production company

See also

  • Anjolie Ela Menon born 1940, Indian artist
  • Anjuli Shukla, Indian cinematographer and director
  • Anju disambiguation

anjali, anjali bhimani, anjali jay, anjali menon, anjali mudra, anjali pichai, anjali ramkissoon, anjali siddiqui, anjali sud, anjali tendulkar

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