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Animated Antics

animated antics, animated antics dandy lion 1940
Animated Antics was an animated cartoon series produced by the Fleischer Studios from 1939 through 1941, and distributed through Paramount Pictures

Each cartoon ran less than 7 minutes, all in black & white reports that Copy Cat was in Technicolor are erroneous, confirmed by the B&W Original Camera Negative on deposit at the UCLA Film & Television Archive Five cartoons in the series were spinoffs from Fleischer Studios' 1939 feature film Gulliver's Travels, starring the villains Sneak, Snoop, and Snitch and the carrier pigeon Twinkletoes from the movie, all voiced by Jack Mercer The studio produced 11 cartoons in this series


  • The Dandy Lion, 1940
  • Sneak, Snoop and Snitch, 1940 †
  • Mommy Loves Puppy, 1940
  • Bring Himself Back Alive, 1940
  • Zero the Hound, 1941
  • Twinkletoes Gets the Bird, 1941 †
  • Sneak, Snoop and Snitch in Triple Trouble, 1941 †
  • Twinkletoes: Where He Goes - Nobody Knows, 1941 †
  • Copy Cat, 1941
  • The Wizard of Arts, 1941
  • Twinkletoes in Hat Stuff, 1941 †

† - Gulliver's Travels spinoff cartoon


  • Cabarga, Leslie The Fleischer StoryDa Capo Press; 1988, p 174 ISBN 978-0306803130

animated antics, animated antics dandy lion 1940, animated antics the dandy lion, free antics

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