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alpha-lactalbumin supplement, alpha-lactalbumin rich foods
4L41, 1A4V, 1B9O, 1CB3, 1HML, 3B0I, 3B0O

IdentifiersAliasesLALBA, entrez:3906, LYZG, lactalbumin alphaExternal IDsOMIM: 149750 MGI: 96742 HomoloGene: 1720 GeneCards: LALBA
Gene location Human
ChrChromosome 12 human[1]
Band12q1311Start48,567,684 bp[1]
End48,570,066 bp[1]
RNA expression pattern
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Location UCSCChr 12: 4857 – 4857 MbChr 15: 9848 – 9848 MbPubMed search[3][4]Wikidata
1 Function
  • 2 Physical properties
  • 3 Evolution
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  • Function

    α-Lactalbumin is a protein that regulates the production of lactose in the milk of almost all mammalian species[8] In primates, alpha-lactalbumin expression is upregulated in response to the hormone prolactin and increases the production of lactose[9]

    α-Lactalbumin forms the regulatory subunit of the lactose synthase LS heterodimer and β-1,4-galactosyltransferase beta4Gal-T1 forms the catalytic component Together, these proteins enable LS to produce lactose by transferring galactose moieties to glucose As a multimer, alpha-lactalbumin strongly binds calcium and zinc ions and may possess bactericidal or antitumor activity A folding variant of human alpha-lactalbumin that may form in acidic environments such as the stomach, called HAMLET, probably induces apoptosis in tumor and immature cells[5] The corresponding folding dynamics of alpha-lactalbumin is thus highly unusual[10]

    When formed into a complex with Gal-T1, a galactosyltransferase, α-lactalbumin, enhances the enzyme's affinity for glucose by about 1000 times, and inhibits the ability to polymerise multiple galactose units This gives rise to a pathway for forming lactose by converting Gal-TI to Lactose synthase

    Physical properties

    The structure of alpha-lactalbumin is well known and is composed of 123 amino acids and 4 disulfide bridges The molecular weight is 14178 Da, and the isoelectric point is between 42 and 45 One of the main structural differences with beta-lactoglobulin is that it does not have any free thiol group that can serve as the starting-point for a covalent aggregation reaction As a result, pure α-lactalbumin will not form gels upon denaturation and acidification


    The sequence comparison of α-lactalbumin shows a strong similarity to that of lysozymes, specifically the Ca2+-binding c-lysozyme[11] So the expected evolutionary history is that gene duplication of the c-lysozyme was followed by mutation[8] This gene predates the last common ancestor of mammals and birds, which probably puts its origin at about 300 Ma[12]


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    External links

    • alpha-Lactalbumin at the US National Library of Medicine Medical Subject Headings MeSH
    • Human LALBA genome location and LALBA gene details page in the UCSC Genome Browser

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