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Alpha 1-antichymotrypsin

alpha 1 antichymotrypsin, elevated fecal alpha 1 antichymotrypsin
1AS4, 1QMN, 2ACH, 3CAA, 3DLW, 4CAA

IdentifiersAliasesSERPINA3, AACT, ACT, GIG24, GIG25, serpin family A member 3External IDsMGI: 98377 HomoloGene: 111129 GeneCards: SERPINA3
Gene location Human
ChrChromosome 14 human[1]
Band14q3213Start94,612,377 bp[1]
End94,624,055 bp[1]
RNA expression pattern
More reference expression data
RefSeq mRNA



RefSeq protein



Location UCSCChr 14: 9461 – 9462 MbChr 12: 10434 – 10435 MbPubMed search[3][4]Wikidata
1 Function
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  • Function

    Alpha 1-antichymotrypsin inhibits the activity of certain enzymes called proteases, such as cathepsin G that is found in neutrophils, and chymases found in mast cells, by cleaving them into a different shape or conformation This activity protects some tissues, such as the lower respiratory tract, from damage caused by proteolytic enzymes[6]

    This protein is produced in the liver, and is an acute phase protein that is induced during inflammation

    Clinical significance

    Deficiency of this protein has been associated with liver disease Mutations have been identified in patients with Parkinson disease and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease[7]

    Alpha 1-antichymotrypsin is also associated with the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease as it enhances the formation of amyloid-fibrils in this disease[6]


    Alpha 1-antichymotrypsin has been shown to interact with DNAJC1[8]

    See also

    • Alpha-1 antitrypsin, another serpin that is analogous for protecting the body from excessive effects of its own inflammatory proteases


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    Further reading

    • Janciauskiene S, Wright HT 1999 "Inflammation, antichymotrypsin, and lipid metabolism: autogenic etiology of Alzheimer's disease" BioEssays 20 12: 1039–46 doi:101002/SICI1521-187819981220:12<1039::AID-BIES10>30CO;2-Z PMID 10048303 
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    External links

    • The MEROPS online database for peptidases and their inhibitors: I04002
    • Alpha+1-antichymotrypsin at the US National Library of Medicine Medical Subject Headings MeSH
    • Human SERPINA3 genome location and SERPINA3 gene details page in the UCSC Genome Browser

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