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Allegheny Cemetery

allegheny cemetery, allegheny cemetery in pittsburgh

1 Significant dates Added to NRHP December 10, 1980 Designated PHLF 19882

Allegheny Cemetery is one of the largest and oldest burial grounds in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

It is a nonsectarian, wooded hillside park located at 4734 Butler Street in the Lawrenceville neighborhood and bounded by the Bloomfield, Garfield, and Stanton Heights areas It is sited on the north-facing slope of hills above the Allegheny River3

In 1973 the cemetery's Butler Street Gatehouse was listed on the National Register of Historic Places and in 1980 the entire cemetery was listed on the National Register4


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Incorporated in 1844, the Allegheny Cemetery is the sixth oldest rural cemetery in America and has expanded over the years to now encompass 300 acres 120 ha3

Allegheny Cemetery memorializes more than 124,000 people5 Some of the oldest graves are of soldiers who fought in the French and Indian War, which were moved here from their original burial site at Pittsburgh's Trinity Cathedral downtown Many notables from the city of Pittsburgh are buried here The cemetery was amongst those profiled in the PBS documentary A Cemetery Special3

In 1834 three members of the Third Presbyterian Church of Pittsburgh, Dr J Ramsey Speer, Stephen Colwell and John Chislett, Sr tried to establish a rural cemetery near Pittsburgh Dr Speer later visited several famous rural cemeteries, Mount Auburn Cemetery on Boston, Laurel Hill Cemetery in Philadelphia, and Green-Wood Cemetery in New York In 1842 the 100 acre farm of Colonel Bayard was selected for the site An Act of Incorporation passed the Pennsylvania Legislature and was signed by Gov David R Porter on April 24, 18446

"Mt Barney" was selected as the site of a memorial to naval heroes in 1848 and Commodore Joshua Barney and Lt James L Parker were reinterred there Another memorial was erected on Memorial Day, 1937 to the memory of over 7,000 servicemen buried in the cemetery6

Notable intermentsedit

The Butler Street entrance 1870 portion The 1848 portion of the Butler Street Gatehouse located beside the 1870 portion of the Butler Street entrance shown in the above picture The Penn Avenue Gatehouse, built in 1887 The cemetery has many hills, lakes, and wooded areas
  • Marcus E Baldwin 1863–1929, Major League Baseball Player
  • Joseph Baker 1806–1862, mayor of Pittsburgh 1850–1851
  • Joshua Barney 1759–1818, Commodore in the United States Navy and American Revolutionary War veteran
  • Richard Biddle 1796–1847, US Congressman
  • Lem Billings 1916-1981, friend and campaigner for John F Kennedy
  • Marcus Peter Blakemore 1889–1959, founder Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc
  • Francis B Brewer 1820–1892, US Congressman
  • Don Brockett 1930–1995, motion picture and television actor, "Chef Brockett" on the PBS series Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
  • James W Brown 1844–1909, US Congressman
  • Eben Byers 1880–1932, wealthy American industrialist and socialite noted for his gruesome death caused by consumption of the radioactive patent medicine Radithor
  • John Caldwell, Jr 1827–1902, George Westinghouse partner and member of the South Fork Fishing and Hunting Club
  • Louis Semple Clarke 1867–1957, automotive pioneer, founder of the Autocar Company and member of the South Fork Fishing and Hunting Club
  • James Wallace Conant 1862–1906, manager of the Schenley Park Casino and Duquesne Gardens and founder of the Western Pennsylvania Hockey League
  • Beano Cook 1931–2012, college football commentator
  • John Dalzell 1845–1927, US Congressman
  • Cornelius Darragh 1809–1854, US Congressman
  • Ebenezer Denny 1761–1822, first mayor of Pittsburgh, American Revolutionary War veteran
  • Harmar Denny 1794–1852, US Congressman
  • Harmar D Denny, Jr 1886–1966, US Congressman
  • William J Diehl 1845–1929, Pittsburgh Mayor
  • Harry Allison Estep 1884–1968, US Congressman
  • John Baptiste Ford 1811–1903, industrialist, founder of PPG Industries and Ford City, Pennsylvania
  • Walter Forward 1786–1852, United States Secretary of the Treasury
  • Stephen Foster 1826–1864, songwriter
  • Josh Gibson 1911–1947, baseball great of the Negro Leagues
  • Gus Greenlee 1893–1952, Major League Baseball Team Owner
  • Moses Hampton 1803–1878, US Congressman
  • General Alexander Hays 1819–1864
  • William B Hays 1844–1912, Pittsburgh mayor
  • Joseph Horne 1826–1891, founder of Pittsburgh department store Horne's the chain of stores closed in 1994
  • Thomas Marshall Howe 1808–1877, US Congressman
  • Alfred E Hunt 1855–1899, co-founder of the company that became Alcoa
  • Thomas Irwin 1785–1870, US Congressman
  • William Wallace Irwin 1803–1856, US Congressman, Pittsburgh Mayor
  • William Freame Johnston 1808–1872, Governor of Pennsylvania
  • Samuel Kier 1813–1874, pioneer oil refiner
  • Andrew W Loomis 1797–1873, US Congressman
  • F T F Lovejoy 1854–1932, Industrialist, associate of Andrew Carnegie
  • William McClelland 1842–1892, US Congressman
  • Charles McClure 1804–1846, US Congressman
  • James McCord 1822–1894, millionaire owner of the oldest hattery west of the Allegheny Mountains and member of the South Fork Fishing and Hunting Club
  • Henry Sellers McKee 1843–1924, millionaire glass manufacturer, founder of Jeannette, Pennsylvania and member of the South Fork Fishing and Hunting Club
  • Robert McKnight 1820–1885, US Congressman
  • William McNair 1880–1948, Pittsburgh mayor
  • Thomas Mellon 1813–1908, founder of Mellon Bank
  • Alexander Pollock Moore 1867–1930, publisher of the Pittsburgh Leader and ambassador who was married to actress Lillian Russell
  • James Kennedy Moorhead 1806–1884, US Congressman
  • Philip H Morgan 1825-1900, lawyer, jurist, diplomat
  • General James S Negley 1826–1901, Civil War general and US Congressman
  • General John Neville 1731–1803, American Revolutionary War veteran
  • George Tener Oliver 1848–1919, publisher of the Pittsburgh Gazette Times and Chronicle Telegraph, US Senator
  • Alfred L Pearson 1838–1903, United States Army officer
  • Henry Kirke Porter 1840–1921, US Congressman
  • James Hay Reed 1853–1927, founding partner, Knox & Reed now Reed Smith LLP, and member of the South Fork Fishing and Hunting Club
  • John Buchanan Robinson 1846–1933, US Congressman
  • Calbraith Perry Rodgers 1879–1912, aviation pioneer
  • James Ross 1762–1847, US Senator
  • Archibald H Rowand, Jr 1845–1913, Civil War Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient
  • Lillian Russell 1861–1922, singer, actress
  • Ted Sadowski 1936–1993, Major League Baseball Player
  • Richard Mellon Scaife 1932–2014, billionaire supporter of conservative causes, publisher of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
  • George Shiras, Jr 1832–1924, United States Supreme Court Associate Justice
  • Jane Swisshelm 1815–1884, journalist, abolitionist, and women's rights advocate
  • Adamson Tannehill 1750–1820, US Congressman
  • Benjamin Thaw 1859–1933, Pittsburgh financier and member of the South Fork Fishing and Hunting Club
  • Harry Kendall Thaw, 1871–1947, murderer of architect Stanford White, husband of Evelyn Nesbit
  • Stanley Turrentine 1934–2000, jazz musician
  • Calvin Wells 1827–1909, industrialist, financier and member of the South Fork Fishing and Hunting Club
  • Thomas Williams 1806–1872, Civil War congressman, prosecutor in the impeachment of President Andrew Johnson
  • The unidentified remains of 54 victims of the 1862 Allegheny Arsenal explosion


See alsoedit

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  • Official website
  • Allegheny Cemetery at Find A Grave
  • Historic American Landscapes Survey HALS No PA-3-A, "Allegheny Cemetery, Soldiers Lot"
  • HALS No PA-3-B, "Allegheny Cemetery, Butler Street Gate House"
  • Historic Landscape Survey of Allegheny County Records, 1970-2002, AIS200501, Archives Service Center, University of Pittsburgh

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