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Allan Ekelund

Allan Ekelund 16 January 1918 – 4 September 2009 was a Swedish film producer He produced 50 films between 1947 and 1964

Selected filmography

  • To Joy 1950
  • Summer Interlude 1951
  • Secrets of Women 1952
  • Summer with Monika 1953
  • A Lesson in Love 1954
  • Smiles of a Summer Night 1955
  • The Seventh Seal 1957
  • Wild Strawberries 1957
  • The Magician 1958
  • The Virgin Spring 1960
  • Through a Glass Darkly 1961
  • Winter Light 1962
  • The Mistress 1962
  • The Silence 1963
  • All These Women 1964


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