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Alicyn Packard

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Alicyn Packard born September 27, 1979; Hanson, Massachusetts1 is an American voice actress, writer and singer nominated for a 2014 Voice Arts Award She voices the characters Little Miss Sunshine, Little Miss Naughty, and Little Miss Whoops on the Cartoon Network animated series the The Mr Men Show2 She also stars as Alma on the Sprout network show Poppy Cat and wrote an episode of the show's second season She plays Toodles on The Tom and Jerry Show and Connor and Caitlin on Olivia

Ms Packard is the voice of the female blood elf in the video game World of Warcraft3 She has also voiced Pericci in Star Ocean: The First Departure and the characters of Luce Valenci and Altyria Jono in Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment4


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Early lifeedit

Packard grew up in Hanson, Massachusetts and began her career in nearby Boston5 She later attended Emerson College, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Media Arts with a concentration in New Media At Emerson she was DJ at WERS, the college's radio station which at the time was the nation's #1 college radio station in the nation 17 At WERS she created the electronic music program Revolutions which she co-hosted with the Grammy-nominated producer Morgan Page


Packard's work at WERS brought her to the attention of local casting directors and she soon began her voice over career in local radio commercials and promos She then worked at publisher Prentice-Hall as the voice of their e-learning textbooks6 She moved to Los Angeles to complete her degree through Emerson College Los Angeles Program



Icky: An American Dog Story Timmy Film
Hungry Hungry Hippos Janine, Little Old Lady Film
Space Racers Robyn Series
Join the Soup Broccoli Film
Chop Kick Panda Rex/Shiva Film
An Okay Place to Eat Little Delilah Film
The Tom and Jerry Show Toodles Series
Poppy Cat Alma and writer Series
Pixie Hollow Games Zephyr Film
Olivia Connor and Caitlin Series
The Mr Men Show Little Miss Naughty, Little Miss Sunshine, Little Miss Whoops Series
Yo-kai Watch Jibanyan, Nate's Mom, Komajiro, Wiglin, Additional voices Series

Live Action

Emotional Sugar Daddy Sugar Baby, writer, producer Short Film
Siri's First Day Woman, director, producer, writer Short Film
Keep Calm & Twerk On Rachel, director, producer, writer Short Film
Let's Ruin It with Babies Big Bad Wolf Couple Female Short Film
Mammogram Alicyn, Executive Producer, writer Short Film
World Full of Nothing Taylor Feature Film
Alondra Smiles Maggie Feature Film
Transgressions Anchor voice Short Film
Three Card Stud Audrey Short Film

Video Games

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Additional Voices
Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment Luca Valenci
Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard Additional Voices
Star Ocean: The First Departure Perrici
World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Blood Elf Female
Prince of Persia: Warrior Within Additional Voices
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Additional Voices7

Belvedere Vodka Controversyedit

On March 29, 2012, Packard filed a lawsuit against Moët Hennessy, makers of Belvedere vodka for misappropriating her image by including it in an online ad campaign; the image was taken from a short online comedy video, "Awkward Moments: The Baby Picture", produced by Strickly Viral Productions8 In the context of the ad, the appropriated image depicts the character portrayed by Packard as trying to escape the clutches of what appears to be a sexually aggressive man; Belvedere added the tagline, "Unlike some people, Belvedere always goes down smoothly" Packard's filing also alleges negligent infliction of emotional distress, claiming that the repercussions of being associated with the ad "have been huge"9 While the ad appeared only briefly on March 23 and was removed shortly thereafter, with Belvedere brand president Charles Gibb issuing a public apology subsequent to the ad's retraction, as of the lawsuit's filing, neither the brand nor the parent company had offered an apology to Packard for either the misappropriation or any of the subsequent negative fallout10 Packard's lawsuit was filed under California Civil Code § 3344, the so-called California Celebrities Rights Act of 1985, which prohibits unauthorized use of personal images or likenesses for promotional purposes11


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External linksedit

  • Official Website wwwalicynpackardcom
  • Alicyn Packard at the Internet Movie Database
  • Alicyn Packard's YouTube Channel: Alicyn's Wonderland
  • Alicyn Packard on Twitter
  • Alicyn Packard's Official Facebook fan page

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