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Alfred Henry Lewis

alfred henry lewis, wolfville by alfred henry lewis
Alfred Henry Lewis January 20, 1855 – December 23, 1914 was an American investigative journalist, lawyer, novelist, editor, and short story writer1


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Lewis began as a staff writer at the Chicago Times, and eventually became editor of the Chicago Times-Herald2 By the late 19th century he was writing muckraker articles for Cosmopolitan As an investigative journalist, Lewis wrote extensively about corruption in New York politics2 In 1901 he published a biography of Richard Croker 1843–1922, a leading figure in the corrupt political machine known as Tammany Hall, which exercised a great deal of control over New York politics from the 1790s to the 1960s For his next biography, When Men Grew Tall 1907, he turned a more forgiving eye to Andrew Jackson 1767–1845, the seventh President of the United States

As a writer of genre fiction, his most successful works were Westerns from his Wolfville series, which he continued writing until he died of gastrointestinal disease in 1914


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  • Richard Croker 1901
  • When Men Grew Tall, or, The Story of Andrew Jackson 1907
  • Nation-famous New York Murders 1914

Novels and short story collectionsedit

  • Wolfville: Episodes of Cowboy Life 1893
  • Sandburrs 1900
  • Wolfville Days 1902
  • Peggy O'Neal 1903
  • The Black Lion Inn 1903
  • The Boss, and How He Came to Rule New York 1903
  • The President 1904
  • Confessions of a Detective 1906
  • Wolfville Folks 1908
  • Wolfville Nights 1908
  • The Apaches of New York 1912
  • Faro Nell and Her Friends: Wolfville Stories 1913


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