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Alexander Piorkowski

alexander piorkowski
Alexander Bernhard Hans Piorkowski, also known as Alex Piorkowski 11 October 1904 – 22 October 1948 was a German SS functionary during the Nazi era and commandant of Dachau concentration camp Following the war, he was convicted and executed


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Alexander Piorkowski was a trained mechanic who worked as a traveling merchant in the 1920s

He joined the SA on 1 June 1929 and moved from there to the SS on 1 June 1933 member no 8,737 On 1 November 1929, Piorkowski became a member of the Nazi Party member no 161,437 He first led the SS-Standarte in Bremen from 20 July 1935, and in the following year, the SS-Standarte Allenstein For health reasons, he retired from the service on 19 September 1936[1]

From July 1937 to December 1937, Piorkowski was provisionally commandant of Lichtenburg concentration camp, and after its conversion into a women's concentration camp, deputy to Lagerdirektor Günther Tamaschke until August 1938[2] From there he was transferred to the Dachau concentration camp in early August 1938, where he served as Schutzhaftlagerführer From February 1940 to mid-September 1942, he was the commandant of Dachau concentration camp Due to corruption charges, he was discharged from service on 31 August 1943[1]

After the Second World War, Piorkowski, along with his adjutant Heinrich Detmers, had to answer to a US military tribunal at the Dachau trials from 6 to 17 January 1947 The charges were crimes against humanity, deportation, abduction and ill-treatment of prisoners in the former concentration camp at Dachau Piorkowski was sentenced to death He made futile petitions for a pardon, and was hanged in the Landsberg Prison for war criminals[3]


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External links

  • Recommendations for military trials at wwwjewishvirtuallibraryorg PDF-Datei; 198 MB
Military offices
Preceded by
SS-Standartenführer Hans Helwig
Commandant of Lichtenburg concentration camp
July–December 1937
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Deputy director of Lichtenburg concentration camp
December 1937 – August 1938
Succeeded by
SS-Obersturmbannführer Max Koegel
Preceded by
SS-Oberführer Hans Loritz
Commandant of Dachau concentration camp
February 1940 – September 1942
Succeeded by
SS-Obersturmbannführer Martin Gottfried Weiss

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