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Albert Cobo

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Albert Eugene Cobo October 2, 1893 – September 12, 1957 was an American politician who served as Mayor of Detroit from 1950-1957


Albert Cobo was born in Detroit1 on October 2, 18932 He married his childhood sweetheart, Ethel; the couple had two daughters, Jean and Elaine13

Cobo opened and ran two candy stores in Detroit, while attending night school to study business administration and accounting at the Detroit Business Institute1 After completing his studies, he sold his stores and went to work for Burroughs Corporation, working his way up to an executive position1 In 1933, the city of Detroit was in a financial crisis, and Burroughs "loaned" Cobo to the city1 However, he never returned to work for Burroughs, and ran for and was elected Detroit City Treasurer in 19351

Cobo served as City Treasurer of Detroit for seven terms before first running for the mayor's office in 19494 He won, campaigning against the "Negro invasion" of white neighborhoods,5 and was elected twice more, in 1951 and 1953 the third time for four years1

Cobo served as president of the American Municipal Association and a trustee of the United States Conference of Mayors3

Cobo ran on the Republican ticket in 1956 for governor of Michigan, but was handily beaten by G Mennen Williams, his first loss after ten successful citywide campaigns6 He declined to seek a fourth term as mayor in 19571

Cobo died of a heart attack on September 12, 1957, just months before his last term in office would have ended7 Cobo Center formerly Cobo Hall is named in his honor2 He is interred at Woodlawn Cemetery8 With the impending demolition of Joe Louis Arena, there is talk about renaming Cobo Center in memory of boxing legend Joe Louis9

Political offices
Preceded by
Eugene Van Antwerp
Mayor of Detroit
January 3, 1950 – September 12, 1957
Succeeded by
Louis Miriani


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