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Alan Cousin

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Alan Cousin 7 March 1938 – 20 September 2016 was a Scottish footballer, who played for Dundee, Hibernian, and Falkirk


At the age of 16, Cousin played rugby in the mornings and football in the afternoons, for Alloa YMCA He was noticed within a year of helping out the Central Scottish side and played for Scotland Under 16s, where as a Centre Forward, he was in the side that beat England 8-1

Scouts from various clubs sought his skills, but it was Dundee manager Willie Thornton who succeeded in signing him Cousin made his debut when first team regular George Merchant was injured and one month later, he scored his first goal for Dundee The match was a 5-1 friendly victory against Manchester United, who had just become the English champions

After establishing a first-team place, Cousin attended St Andrews University to study Greek and Latin for an Arts Degree, whilst combining this with his early professional footballing career Often his training would involve running on the St Andrews beach later made famous in the film Chariots Of Fire

Cousin was Dundee's top goalscorer three years in a row from 1958 to 1960 He played in attack for Dundee alongside Alan Gilzean in a team considered by Bob Crampsey to be the best produced in Scotland since the Second World War Dundee won the Scottish League championship in 1962 and then reached the semi-final of the European Cup in the following season Cousin played in every match of the championship-winning season

Cousin was dubbed the 'King of the double shuffle' because of his ability to repeatedly outwit opposing players, by stepping over the ball He was inducted into the Dundee FC Hall Of Fame in a tribute dinner in 2011, to salute his contribution to football at the club

Cousin died in September 2016, aged 78


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