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Agustín Stahl

agustin stahl, augustin stahl
Dr Agustín Stahl January 21, 1842 – July 12, 1917 was a Puerto Rican medical doctor and scientist with diverse interests in the fields of ethnology, botany, and zoology He advocated Puerto Rico's independence from Spain


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Early yearsedit

Stahl was born in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico and given the name Antón Adolf August, by his parents Johann Heinrich Christian Stahl and María Helene Stamm Born into a Protestant family, he was baptized into the Catholic faith in Aguadilla at about three years of age,1 town where he also received his primary and secondary education

He studied at the universities of Würzburg and Prague at the Charles University, graduating from the latter with the title of Doctor of Medicine in 1864 After graduation, Stahl returned to Puerto Rico where he established his medical practice in the city of Bayamón

Ethnologist, botanist and zoologistedit

Dr Agustín Stahl watercolor of Punica granatum

Outside work, Stahl's love of nature lead him to conduct investigations and experiments in the fields of ethnology, botany and zoology He also had a love of history and historical investigation

Stahl wrote "Estudios sobre la flora de Puerto Rico" A study of the Puerto Rican Flora, published in 6 fascicles from 1883-88 Copies of Stahl's plant collection with approximately 1,330 plants can be found in various botanical gardens around the world His collections were the basis for numerous studies by specialists, some of them resulting in new taxa to science2

Stahl has a genus, Stahlia, and five valid species, Argythamnia stahlii, Senna pendula var stahlii , Eugenia stahlii, Lyonia stahlii, and Ternstroemia stahlii, named in his honor3 The genus Stahlia is represented by a single species, S monosperma Tul Urb, known to occur only in Puerto Rico and the eastern Dominican Republic Known in Puerto Rico as Cóbana Negra, this species is currently listed as threatened in the USFW Federal Register, April 5, 1990

Written worksedit

Notes on Puerto Rico's Flora, by Agustín Stahl

Stahl's written works include:

  • Notes on Puerto Rico's Flora
  • Report on the Disease of the Sugar Cane
  • Puerto Rican Flora
  • The Puerto Rican Indians Tainos
  • The Founding of Aguadilla
  • The Founding of Bayamón
The standard author abbreviation A Stahl is used to indicate this individual as the author when citing a botanical name4

Later yearsedit

The custom of adorning Christmas trees in Puerto Rico began in the city of Bayamón in 1866 when Stahl adorned a tree in his back yard The people of Bayamón baptized his tree "El árbol de Navidad del Doctor Stahl" Dr Stahl's Christmas tree5

Stahl was a firm believer that Puerto Rico should obtain independence from Spain, and was a member of the "Partido Autonomista Puertorriqueño", or Puerto Rican Autonomist Party This group sought to create a separate political and legal identity for Puerto Rico while emulating Spain in all political matters However, due to Stahl's political views, he was expelled from his position in the Civil Institute of Natural Sciences in Spain and was deported from Spain in 18986

Stahl died in the city of Bayamón and his remains are buried in Bayamón's Municipal Cemetery The city of Bayamón turned his former house into a museum to be enjoyed by all those who wish to learn more about him and his work The Puerto Rican sculptor Tomás Batista created a bust to honor Stahl which can be found at the University of Cayey6

Further readingedit

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  • Gutierrez de Arroyo, I 1978 El Dr Agustín Stahl, Hombre de ciencia: Perspectiva Humanística with bibliography Universidad de Puerto Rico, Río Piedras

See alsoedit

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External linksedit

  • "Agustin Stahl, The Virtual Museum of Natural History of Puerto Rico", Website
  • P Acevedo-Rodrguez, "The Botanical Legacy of Agustín Stahl", National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution English; also Spanish

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