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Aggressive angiomyxoma

aggressive angiomyxoma, aggressive angiomyxoma pathology outlines
Angiomyxoma is a myxoid tumor involving the blood vessels

It can affect the vulva1 and other parts of the pelvis The characteristic feature of this tumor is its frequent local recurrence and it is currently regarded as a non-metastasizing benign tumor 2


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Aggressive angiomyxoma was originally described in 1983,3 but the term "angiomyxoma" dates back to at least 19524


Although it is a benign tumour and does not 'invade' the neighbouring tissue, it has a tendency to recur after surgical excision so it is termed as aggressive The recurrence can be as close as six months from initial resection It will not be surprising to find cases coming to tertiary medical centers with history of having a labial mass sometimes misdiagnosed as gartner's cyst and have multiple surgical excisions from various doctors There is no proven medical therapy and people have tried various sorts of chemotherapy like Tamoxifen, Leuprolide and even full blown chemotherapy



  • Vascular appearance of tumor5
  • Hypocellular mesenchymal lesion
  • Spindled and stellate cells with an ill-defined cytoplasm
  • Cells loosely scattered in a myxoid stroma
  • No evidence of nuclear atypia and mitosis
  • Numerous, thin-to-thick wall vessels of different sizes
  • Myxoid, hypocellular background
  • Bland cytological appearance of spindle cells

Microscopical viewsedit


Immunohistochemical studies show strong staining for desmin, estrogen receptors, and progesterone receptors Staining for actin, CD34 and smooth muscle actin are intermediate Staining for S-100 protein is negative

Differential diagnosisedit

  • myxoid tumors
    • Angiomyofibroblastoma
    • myxoid smooth muscle tumors


  • HMGA2 rearrangement
    • by translocation t12;21q15;q21167
    • by translocation t11;12q23;q158
    • by translocation t8;12p12;q159
  • t5;8p15;q2210

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  • Cutaneous myxoma Superficial angiomyxoma

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Digital slidesedit

  • JRC #11242
  • JRC #2788
  • JRC #3175
  • JRC #14570
  • JRC #91
  • JRC #14781

Additional imagesedit


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a video of an angiomyxoma being excised on YouTube

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