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Aesculus × carnea

aesculus carne a, aesculus carne a briotii
Aesculus × carnea, or red horse-chestnut,1 is an artificial hybrid between A pavia red buckeye and A hippocastanum horse-chestnut The origin of the tree is not known, but it probably first appeared in Germany before 1820 The hybrid is a medium-size tree to 20–25 m tall, intermediate between the parent species in most respects, but inheriting the red flower color from A pavia It is a popular tree in large gardens and parks


  • 'Briotii' named in 1858 to honor Pierre Louis Briot, the nurseryman at Trianon-Versailles near Paris, France This is the most commonly seen cultivar which has 10-inch tall, deep rosy flowers and matures as a smaller tree2
  • 'O'Neil', which produce larger 10–12 inch panicles with brighter red flowers
  • 'Fort McNair' named from where it was selected it has dark pink flowers with yellow throats and resists leaf scorch and leaf blotch
  • 'Pendula' with arching branches3
  • 'Plantierensis' which has intense rose pink flowers with yellow throats and does not set fruit, which makes it less messy4


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