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Adult Film Database

The AdultFilmDatabasecom is an English-language adult website database that attempts to keep records of all pornographic movies and adult film stars This includes filmographies, partial biographies, reviews, labeled and categorized adult film stills, as well as a regularly updated adult industry blog which features the latest news about adult performers, movies, directors, studios, web site updates and sundry adult news from around the world


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Founding and synopsis

It was created in 1991 under the name Sodomite by a college student This was an attempt to fill the void of the temporary absence of the Internet Adult Film Database IAFD and as a project in web development In 1999 its name was changed to the AdultFilmDatabasecom Today, the AdultFilmDatabasecom is a major competitor to the Internet Adult Film Database

Taking inspiration from both the Internet Adult Film Database and IMDB and forging ties with industry mainstays like Vivid Entertainment, Hustler, Wicked and Digital Playground the AdultFilmDatabasecom features information on over 90,000 adult movies and 50,000 performers

Run by a husband and wife team, the Adult Film Database was the first online adult database to include both straight and gay videos and performers The site is rich in galleries and original articles, also setting it apart from other databases

On October 1, 2007, the Adult Film Database was mentioned in an article about the Internet Adult Film Database from the online equivalent of Brazilian newspaper Folha de SPaulo


Also, in October 2007, the Adult Film Database debunked rumors that legendary adult film performer Tamara Lee born 30 July, 1969 had died from AIDS The news was covered by Adult Video News AVN in an article on October 23, 2007


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