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Adena Mansion

adena mansion and gardens, adena mansion
Adena Mansion was built for Thomas Worthington by Benjamin Latrobe, and was completed in 18072 It is located on a hilltop west of downtown Chillicothe, Ohio, United States The property surrounding the mansion included the location of the first mound found to belong to the Adena culture3 and thus the Adena mansion is the namesake for the Adena people The state coat of arms is thought to depict the view of Mount Logan from the Adena property Adena Mansion is often open for visitors for a small fee


The stone mansion has historically accurate interiors, including furnishings The grounds cover 300 acres 12 km2 of the original 2,000-acre 81 km2 estate There is a garden area featuring kitchen herbs and heirloom vegetables, with some varieties available for purchase A former overseer's house has also been restored and demonstrates life for German immigrants to the area

A modern museum and education center features exhibits on the early European settlement of Ohio Documents for indentured servants, other primary source materials and archeological finds are showcased

Thomas Worthington recorded that he chose Adena as the name for his estate because it referred to "places remarkable for the delightfulness of their situation" The museum at Adena has an exhibit which claims Adena is based on a Hebrew word

In 2003, the Adena Mansion was restored to its 19th-century appearance to celebrate the Ohio Bicentennial4 The estate was designated as a National Historic Landmark on February 28, 20035


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  • Ohio Historical Society: Adena

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