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A5127 road

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The A5127 is a major road in England which runs between Birmingham and Lichfield, Staffordshire For much of the route the road follows the old route of the A38 which has since been moved in order to by-pass places such as Erdington and Sutton Coldfield and form a relief road from Birmingham city centre to Spaghetti Junction

The part from the county boundary, through Shenstone to Lichfield was one of the roads of the Lichfield Turnpike Trust, established in 17291 Beyond Lichfield, it joins the Roman Ryknild Street at Streethay2 and immediately after that joins the present A38


Main places and junctions3 along the A5127:

  • Birmingham
  • Aston, Birmingham
  • A38M Aston Expressway Junction 52°29′32″N 1°53′19″W / 5249234°N 188857°W / 5249234; -188857
  • M6 motorway Junction 6 Gravelly Hill Interchange / Spaghetti Junction; 52°30′34″N 1°51′34″W / 5250941°N 185938°W / 5250941; -185938
  • Gravelly Hill, Birmingham
  • Erdington, Birmingham 52°31′28″N 1°50′26″W / 5252457°N 184049°W / 5252457; -184049
  • A452 Chester Road junction 52°32′00″N 1°49′45″W / 5253345°N 182903°W / 5253345; -182903
  • Wylde Green, Birmingham
  • Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham 52°33′54″N 1°49′20″W / 5256507°N 182236°W / 5256507; -182236
  • Passes near Sutton Park
  • A435 Tamworth Road junction 52°34′16″N 1°49′23″W / 5257107°N 182308°W / 5257107; -182308
  • A434 junction 52°34′44″N 1°49′46″W / 5257893°N 182947°W / 5257893; -182947
  • Four Oaks, Birmingham
  • Birmingham & West Midlands/ Staffordshire boundary 52°36′25″N 1°50′17″W / 5260696°N 183815°W / 5260696; -183815
  • Shenstone, Staffordshire
  • Wall junction with M6 Toll 52°38′44″N 1°50′04″W / 5264555°N 183432°W / 5264555; -183432, A5 and A5148 leading to A38
  • A461/ A51 Junction 52°40′34″N 1°49′53″W / 5267609°N 183145°W / 5267609; -183145
  • Lichfield, Staffordshire
  • A38 Junction 52°41′34″N 1°47′17″W / 5269270°N 178813°W / 5269270; -178813

This route closely follows the Cross-City Line


  1. ^ Local Act, 2 Geo II, c5
  2. ^ Margary, Ivan 1967 Roman Roads in Britain John Baker Publishers, pp 305-6
  3. ^ coordinates from OpenStreetMap

Coordinates: 52°35′20″N 1°49′53″W / 525890°N 18313°W / 525890; -18313

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