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A. N. Prahlada Rao

a n prahlada raoul, a n prahlada raonic
A N Prahlada Rao born 24 July 1953 is an Indian author and Kannada-language crossword compiler/ Constructor


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A N Prahlada Rao was born at Abbani in the Kolar district of Karnataka, India He started his career as a journalist and was the founder editor of Honnudi

Rao's involvement in crossword compilation is a hobby that developed from an interest in solving both Kannada and English crosswords while a student in the mid-1970s, both in Kannada and English He joined the Karnataka Information Department in 1983 in a public relations role and it was at that time he began to compile seriously He now works as Public Relations Officer for Bangalore Mahanagara Palike and compiles at least 15 puzzles a week, sometimes with assistance from his wife He specialises in themed puzzles and has a particular fondness for cinema They have appeared in daily, weekly and fortnightly publications such as Prajavani, Samyukta Karnataka, Shakthi, Mangala, Vijaya Karnataka and Ee Sanje He does not make a great deal of money from his efforts: in 2001, by which time he had written over 7,000 puzzles in Kannada, he said that he received around 50 rupees per puzzle, which was about 10 per cent of what he would get if he compiled English language versions By the end of 2014 December he has composed 38,000 Crosswords and quiz puzzles Compilation initially took him around two hours but he had reduced that to no more than 20 minutes

Aside from producing crosswords, Rao also sets quizzes for several publications, drawing on the same trivia and reference books that he has amassed for his compilation efforts The front wall of his house includes a crossword grid of black and white tiles

He has contributed his crosswords to more than 40 Kannada periodicals in the 25 years to 2016

Crossword books

The first volumes of Kannada crossword puzzles compiled by Rao were launched on 14 February 2008 Three of the five Kannada crossword books are based on general knowledge, one on Kannada cinema, and another one for children

To mark the centenary of the first crossword, in 2013 Rao wrote two Kannada crossword books, titled Pada Kreede and Pada Looka Each contained 160 crosswords

5 More Kannada Crossword books has released on 15012017, titled Padajala, Padajaga, Padaranga, Padasampada and Padavyuha Prof Doddarangegowda, Poet released the books

Limca Book of Record

As of 2016, Rao is noted in the Limca Book of Records for creating the greatest number of crosswords in a regional language

Other works

  • Bangarada Manushya 2005, a biography of Dr Rajakumar, a popular Kannada film actor Also translated into English as Dr Rajkumar: The Inimitable Actor With A Golden Voice 2008
  • Belliterey Belagidavaru Gems of the Silver Screen 2007, contains profiles of 115 film stars of Kannada cinema
  • Vasanta Mallika Beginning Blossoms 2008, a CD containing nine poems that were sung by Vasantha Shashi with music composed by Puttur Narasihma Nayak
  • Nanna Daari Vibhinna Daari - Rajanikanth 2013, about the Tamil film actor Rajanikanth
  • Praana Padaka 2013, contains recollections of Rajakumar's wife, Parvathamma
  • Jaitrayaatre, a translation into Kannada of the similarly-titled book written in English by K Jairaj, an Additional Chief Secretary in the Indian Administrative Service It documents Jairaj's experiences as an administrator over three decades and was serialised in the Kannada daily newspaper Vijaya Karnataka
  • Danivillada Dhani, a Book on BRPantulu, Great Director, Produces and Actor in Kannada and Tamil, written by ANPrahlada Rao, published through Karnataka Chalana Chitra Academy has been released by Dr Bharati Vishnuvardhan in November 2016 at Samsa

In 2009, 75 books about people who had contributed to Kannada cinema were released as part of the Platinum Jubilee Kannada Cinema-75 organised by Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce Among those books were two by Rao, being his earlier work on Rajakumar and T S Karibasaiah

ANPrahlada Rao has inducted into the PR Hall of Fame, and felicitated with prestigious PRCI awards at the 12th Global Communication Conclave held at Pune, March 2018<ref>Template:Http://wwwvikypediain/barun-jha-pti-adfactors-madan-bahal-win-top-honours-prci-global-conclave/


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