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A Haunting at Silver Falls

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A Haunting At Silver Falls is a 2013 American horror film directed by Brett Donowho The film was released on May 28, 2013 and stars Alix Elizabeth Gitter as a young woman that must uncover the true murderer of a heinous crime before she becomes a victim herself It is very loosely based upon a true story Donowho read about two murdered twins


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The movie starts with a young girl running through a dark wood from a shadowy figure The scene becomes bleak as a severed hand is seen next to the girls dead body and the body is dragged away On the hand is a silver ring Jordan Alix Elizabeth Gitter is a teenager that has been orphaned after her father dies of Leukemia Her mother died from drowning when Jordan was five years old She's sent to live with an aunt Tara Westwood, who is the identical twin of her mother, and uncle Steve Bacic They live in the town of Silver Falls, where she learns of ghost stories being told after seeing a burning mannequin at a park where teens go to party When police come to raid the party Jordan wanders the surrounding forest and discovers the ring, which she places on her forefinger without even thinking When she returns home she tries to remove the ring, but it won't come off The ring, it turns out, attracts the ghost of the girl who had mysteriously been murdered twenty years before No one, however, knows of the murder The ghost does mischievous acts around the house, such as moving pictures, opening doors, and stealing small items from Jordan's aunt and uncle These actions cause concern in her household causing them to make an appointment with the local psychologist, who is not fond of Jordan, as he believes she is a negative influence on his geek son


  • Alix Elizabeth Gitter as Jordan
  • Erick Avari as Dr Parrish
  • Steve Bacic as Kevin Sanders
  • James C Burns as Wyatt Dahl
  • James Cavlo as Larry
  • Tadhg Kelly as Robbie
  • James Ralph as Sheriff O'Leary
  • Jade Ramsey as Heather Dahl
  • Nikita Ramsey as Holly Dahl
  • Tara Westwood as Anne Sanders


NOW Toronto gave a mostly negative review for A Haunting at Silver Falls, writing that it "isn’t wildly scary, but its slightly unusual take on the ghost story gives it a memorable creepiness" DVD Verdict and JoBlocom both gave mixed reviews, as both felt that while it wasn't a particularly good film it did have some merits and would appeal to some viewers


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