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Irving Tripp

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Irving Rose Tripp June 5, 1921 – November 27, 2009, was an American comic book artist, best known as the illustrator of Little Lulu comics

Irving was born in 1921 in Poughkeepsie, New York He began working in comics in 1941 when he joined Dell Comics as a staff artist He helped to produce approximately a half-dozen issues of Four Color before leaving to join the US Army during World War II, where he served in the Philippines

He returned to work at Dell Comics in 1946 and remained there as a valued staff artist until his retirement in 1982 In 1949, he began working with Little Lulu writer John Stanley when the success of the early comic books called for a more rigorous publishing schedule than Stanley was capable of meeting

Tripp also worked on a number of other comic books during his four decades at Dell He inked comic book version of Tom and Jerry and Bugs Bunny He also aided in illustrating a number of Disney adaptations, most memorably Dumbo He provided much of the art work in the Clyde Crashcup #1 comic published by Dell

On November 27, 2009, Tripp died from complications from cancer in Lakeland, Florida

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  • Andrew D Arnold, "YOW! Two Generations of Kids Comics", TIME, March 3, 2005

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