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Luís Lombardi Neto

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Luís Lombardi Neto, known as Lombardi September 22, 1940 – December 2, 2009 was a Brazilian television announcer and voice actor


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Lombardi started his career in the 1950s by doing voice overs for commercials on TV Paulista, a station owned by Rede Globo in São Paulo He remained at Rede Globo for fifteen years, leaving the station when Silvio Santos decided to create the TVS After success with television, he also presented radio programs It was while he was doing commercials that Silvio Santos found him He soon became the announcer for the Silvio Santos Show, and, at the epoch of his death, he had a program on a station of Santo André The pair worked together for over 40 years until Lombardi’s death in 2009


Lombardi died in his sleep at his home in Santo André, São Paulo, on December 2, 2009 of a stroke He was 69 years old

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