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4th Division (Reichswehr)

The 4th Division was a unit of the Reichswehr


In the Order of 31 July 1920 for the Reduction of the Army to comply with the upper limits on the size of the military contained in the Treaty of Versailles, it was determined that in every Wehrkreis military district a division would be established by 1 October 1920 The 4th Division was formed in January 1921 out of the Reichswehr-Brigaden 12, 16 and 19, all part of the former Übergangsheer Transition Army

It consisted of 3 infantry regiments: the 10th and 11th Saxonian Infantry Regiments, and the 12th Infantry Regiment It also included an artillery regiment, an engineering battalion, a signals battalion, a transportation battalion and a medical battalion It was subordinated to Gruppenkommando 1

The commander of the Wehrkreis IV was simultaneously the commander of the 4th Division
For the leadership of the troops, an Infanterieführer and an Artillerieführer were appointed, both subordinated to the commander of the Division

Commanders of the 4th Division were:

  • General of the Infantry Paulus von Stolzmann 1 October 1920 - 16 June 1921
  • Generalleutnant Alfred Müller 16 June 1921 - 29 October 1925
  • General of the Infantry Richard von Pawelsz 29 October 1925 - 1 June 1926
  • General of the Infantry Erich Wöllwarth 1 June 1926 - 1 January 1929
  • General of the Infantry Edwin von Stülpnagel 1 January 1929 - 1 November 1931
  • Generalleutnant Curt Freiherr von Gienanth 1 November 1931 - 30 September 1933

Notable Infantrieführer :

  • Generalleutnant Paul Hausser 1 November 1930 - 31 January 1932[1]

Notable Artillerieführer :

  • Generalmajor Ludwig Beck 1 February 1932 - 30 September 1932

The unit ceased to exist as such after October 1934, and its subordinate units were transferred to the 21 divisions newly created in that year


The divisional headquarters was in Dresden


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4th Division (Reichswehr)

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4th Division (Reichswehr)
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