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2016 Croydon tram derailment

2016 croydon tram derailment washington
On 9 November 2016, a tram operated by Tramlink, running from New Addington to Wimbledon, derailed and overturned on the approach to a junction close to the Sandilands tram stop in Croydon, South London There were seven fatalities with at least 51 other people injured The tram was crowded when the accident took place shortly after 06:10 GMT It was one of the deadliest British transport incidents in years, and the first fatal tram incident in the UK since 1959


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The scene of the accident Location where the tram came to rest Sandilands Junction in 2012, viewed from Addiscombe Road The accident occurred on the tracks in the distance, with the tram initially proceeding towards the camera position then turning to its left Timetable of derailed tram scheduled
Station Time
New Addington 05:55
Lloyd Park 06:07
Sandilands 06:10
Wimbledon 06:37

The accident took place in wet weather at approx­imately 06:10, before sunrise, on a sharp left-hand curve approach­ing the points where route 3 from New Addington on which the tram was operating converges with the line from Beckenham Junction and Elmers End The curve is located in a cutting, which comes almost immediately after the line emerges from a series of three tunnels on a 1-mile 16 km straight section of track after leaving Lloyd Park tram stop It has been described as a "sharp bend", and has a 20 km/h 12 mph speed restriction Initial indications are that the tram was travelling at a "significantly higher" speed than this The tram was a Bombardier CR4000, No 2551, which is a two-section single-articulated unit and has a maximum design speed of 80 km/h 50 mph The tram overturned onto its right-hand side, falling outside the curve on which it was travelling and trapping several people inside The Office of Rail and Road confirmed that British trams are not fitted with any safety protection systems that would apply the brakes automatically if they are going too fast

The emergency services confirmed that 51 people were injured, and initially stated that five had been killed The death toll later rose to seven The victims, six men and a woman, were between 19 and 63 years old Eight of the survivors were described as having serious or life-threatening injuries

The injured were taken to St George's Hospital, Tooting, and to Croydon University Hospital As well as the 51 people taken to hospital, seven more made their own ways to hospital for treatment Twenty-two ambulances, eight fire engines and over 70 firefighters from the London Fire Brigade were sent to the scene It was the deadliest tram accident in the United Kingdom since an accident at Dover in 1917 killed eleven and injured 60, and the first in the United Kingdom in which passengers were killed since 1959 It is also the deadliest accident on any rail network in the UK since the 2001 Great Heck rail crash


FirstGroup, which operates the tram on behalf of Transport for London TfL, said it was "shocked and saddened by what happened" An extra minute was added to the two-minute Armistice Day silence at Croydon Cenotaph TfL later made an offer to cover the funeral expenses of the victims

During the night of 10–11 November, the tram was righted in preparation for removal from the accident site The tram was removed from the site on the morning of 12 November

Following the accident, disjoint tram services ran between East Croydon and Wimbledon, between New Addington and Addington Village, and between Beckenham Junction and Harrington Road


British Transport Police

The 42-year old tram driver was arrested by the British Transport Police on suspicion of manslaughter After questioning, he was released on bail until May 2017 According to metrocouk, one aspect of the police investigation is whether or not the tram driver fell asleep and The Guardian reports that some passengers said the driver had blacked out at the controls A former driver suggested, to The Times, that a blackout was a possibility, due to the erratic shift patterns that the drivers had to adhere to He also alleged that the vending machine at the tram depot was stocked only with energy drinks

Nobody is ever fully awake; I was always in a bit of a daze and that is because the way the shifts work doesn't allow the drivers to get a regular sleep pattern

Office of Rail and Road

The Office of Rail and Road opened its own investigation into the accident, concentrating on whether or not safety rules were followed

Rail Accident Investigation Branch

The Rail Accident Investigation Branch RAIB is also investigating the accident, with data from the tram's on-board event recorder being analysed The RAIB state that initial indications suggest that the tram was travelling at a significantly higher speed than permitted Following the accident, The Guardian reported that on 31 October there had been passenger allegations made on Facebook of trams travelling round the curve at excessive speeds The Evening Standard reports an earlier passenger complaint describing the trams as "tipping" on the curve The driver of the tram involved in the 31 October incident was not the one involved in the accident on 9 November

The interim report was released a week later on 16 November Initial findings were that the tram was travelling at approximately 70 kilometres per hour 43 mph at the time of the accident – far more than the line speed of 20 kilometres per hour 12 mph – with the brakes having been applied late

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