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201 Portage

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201 Portage former names: TD Centre, Canwest Place, and CanWest Global Place is an office tower at the intersection of Portage and Main in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada It is the tallest building in Winnipeg and in the province of Manitoba


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The 33-storey building was constructed between 1988 and 1990 by the Toronto Dominion Bank for $38,000,000[2][3] The construction of 201 Portage required the demolition of the Childs Building also known as the McArthur Building at 211 Portage When the Childs Building was constructed in 1909, it was the tallest building in Winnipeg The Childs Building had been 12 storeys above ground, and 4862 metres 1595 ft tall[4] A smaller twin building was planned but never built

Originally built by the Toronto Dominion Bank, the skyscraper was acquired by Canwest to serve as the company's main corporate headquarters Global Winnipeg CKND-DT moved its operations to 201 Portage on September 1, 2008 Having declared bankruptcy and sold its media properties, Canwest has vacated the premises; its main successor Shaw Media will retain only the lease for the 30th floor, where the Global Winnipeg studios are located On 11 January 2011, the Canwest sign and logo were removed[5] The penthouse stayed vacant after Canwest's departure in November 2010, until late 2012 when RBC-Dominion Securities relocated to it from the Richardson Building[6]

Currently, the building is branded as "201 Portage" The building was managed by Creswin Properties, a real-estate company privately owned by the Asper family that owned Canwest, until early 2014[7] The building was acquired under new ownership in May 2014 and is owned by Portage & Main Development Ltd, a private corporation whose shareholders include 201 Portage Equities Inc and Harvard Developments Inc[8]


The 33-storey, 47,000-square-metre 510,000 sq ft building stands 128 metres 420 ft tall, making it the tallest building in Winnipeg It is 39 metres 13 ft taller than the next tallest building in Winnipeg, the Richardson Building, which is located across the street It is the tallest building between Toronto and Calgary, and has been since its construction[9][10] 201 Portage is connected to Winnipeg Square and the Winnipeg Walkway system via an underground concourse The building is certified as BOMA BEST level 3[10][11]

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