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2-Oxazolidone is a heterocyclic organic compound containing both nitrogen and oxygen in a 5-membered ring


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Evans auxiliaries

Oxazolidinones are a class of compounds containing 2-oxazolidone in the structure In chemistry, they are useful as Evans auxiliaries, which are used for chiral synthesis Usually, the acid chloride substrate reacts with the oxazolidinone to form an imide Substituents at the 4 and 5 position of the oxazolidinone direct any aldol reaction to the alpha position of the carbonyl of the substrate


Oxazolidinones are mainly used as antimicrobials The antibacterial effect of oxazolidinones is by working as protein synthesis inhibitors, targeting an early step involving the binding of N-formylmethionyl-tRNA to the ribosome See Linezolid#Mechanism of action

Some of the most important oxazolidinones are the last generation of antibiotics used against gram-positive pathogens, including superbugs such as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus These antibiotics are considered as a choice of last resort where every other antibiotic therapy has failed

Examples of antibiotic oxazolidinones include:

  • Linezolid Zyvox, which is available for intravenous administration and also has the advantage of having excellent oral bioavailability
  • Posizolid, which appears to have excellent, targeted bactericidal activity against all common gram-positive bacteria, regardless of resistance to other classes of antibiotics
Chemical structure of tedizolid
  • Tedizolid, Sivextro which is approved for acute skin infections
  • Radezolid RX-1741 has completed some phase-II clinical trials
  • Cycloserine is a second line drug against tuberculosis Note that cycloserine, while technically an oxazolidone, has a different mechanism of action and substantially different properties from the aforementioned compounds
  • S-5-isoxazol-3-ylaminomethyl-3-2,3,5-trifluoro-4-4-oxo-3,4-dihydropyridin-12H-ylphenyloxazolidin-2-one MRX-I has reported phase 1 data and completed phase II trials in 2015, and is starting a phase 3 trial in 2016

An oxazolidinone derivative used for other purposes is rivaroxaban, which is approved by the FDA for venous thromboembolism prophylaxis


Chemical structure of cycloserine

The first ever used oxazolidinone was cycloserine 4-amino-1,2-oxazolidin-3-one, a second line drug against tuberculosis since 1956

Developed during the nineties when several bacterial strains were becoming resistant against such antibiotics as vancomycin Linezolid Zyvox is the first approved agent in the class FDA approval April 2000

Chemical structure of linezolid

The first commercially available 1,3-oxazolidinone antibiotic was linezolid, discovered and developed by Pharmacia & Upjohn

Chemical structure of posizolid/AZD2563

In 2002 AstraZeneca introduced posizolid AZD2563

See also

  • Oxazolidine - the ring without the carbonyl group
  • Oxazolone - the unsaturated analogues


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