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1997 Nike Tour

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The 1997 Nike Tour season was the eighth season of the Nike Tour, the PGA Tour's official developmental tour, now known as the Webcom Tour The top fifteen players on the final money list earned PGA Tour cards for 1998


The season ran from January 30 to October 19 and consisted of 29 events All of the tournament names began with "Nike", e g "Nike Lakeland Classic"; this is eliminated here for brevity1

A policy was enacted before the season to immediately promote to the PGA Tour any player who won three times in a Nike Tour season With his win at the Omaha Classic, Chris Smith became the first golfer to earn a three-win promotion

Date Tournament Location Winner
Feb 2 Lakeland Classic Florida Ryan Howison 1
Feb 23 Inland Empire Open California Mark Carnevale 1
Mar 16 Monterrey Open Mexico Mike Small 1
Mar 30 Louisiana Open Louisiana Joe Daley 1
Apr 6 Greater Austin Open Texas Eric Booker 1
Apr 20 Mississippi Gulf Coast Classic Mississippi Jeff Brehaut 2
Apr 27 Alabama Classic Alabama John Elliott 2
May 4 South Carolina Classic South Carolina Harrison Frazar 1
May 11 Carolina Classic North Carolina Ahmad Bateman 1
May 18 Dominion Open Virginia Jeff Julian 1
Jun 1 Upstate Classic South Carolina Chris Smith 3
Jun 8 Knoxville Open Tennessee Dave Rummells 2
Jun 15 Miami Valley Open Ohio Trevor Dodds 2
Jun 22 Cleveland Open Ohio Mike Small 2
Jul 6 Hershey Open Pennsylvania Barry Cheesman 2
Jul 13 Laurel Creek Classic New Jersey Matt Gogel 2
Jul 20 St Louis Golf Classic Missouri Todd Gleaton 1
Jul 27 Wichita Open Kansas Ben Bates 1
Aug 3 Dakota Dunes Open South Dakota Chris Smith 4
Aug 10 Omaha Classic Nebraska Chris Smith 5
Aug 17 Ozarks Open Missouri Chris DiMarco 1
Aug 24 Permian Basin Open Texas Paul Gow 1
Sep 7 Colorado Classic Colorado Pat Bates 2
Sep 14 San Jose Open California R W Eaks 3
Sep 21 Boise Open Idaho Iain Steel 1
Sep 28 Tri-Cities Open Washington Todd Gleaton 2
Oct 5 Puget Sound Open Washington Kevin Johnson 1
Oct 12 Shreveport Open Louisiana Mark Wurtz 1
Oct 19 Nike Tour Championship Alabama Steve Flesch 1

Money listedit

For a complete list of the top fifteen players on the final money list, who earned PGA Tour cards for 1998, see 1997 Nike Tour graduates23

Rank Player Country Earnings $
1 Chris Smith  United States 225,201
2 Mark Carnevale  United States 184,997
3 Chris DiMarco  United States 135,513
4 Steve Flesch  United States 133,190
5 Trevor Dodds  Namibia 130,983
6 Barry Cheesman  United States 120,033
7 J L Lewis  United States 119,829
8 Brian Kamm  United States 118,005
9 R W Eaks  United States 117,665
10 Glen Hnatiuk  Canada 116,381


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1997 Nike Tour

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