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1993 Nike Tour

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The 1993 Nike Tour season was the fourth season of the Nike Tour, the PGA Tour's official developmental tour now known as the Webcom Tour, and the first season sponsored by Nike The top ten players on the final money list earned PGA Tour cards for 1994


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The season ran from February 19 to October 17 and consisted of 30 events All of the tournament names began with "Nike", e g "Nike Yuma Open"; this is eliminated here for brevity1

Date Tournament Location Winner
Feb 21 Yuma Open Arizona Ron Streck 1
Mar 7 Monterrey Open Mexico Olin Browne 3
Mar 21 Louisiana Open Louisiana R W Eaks 2
Mar 28 Panama City Beach Classic Florida Mike Schuchart 1
Apr 4 South Texas Open Texas Doug Martin 1
Apr 18 Shreveport Open Louisiana Sonny Skinner 1
Apr 25 Central Georgia Open Georgia Sean Murphy 2
May 2 South Carolina Classic South Carolina Hugh Royer III 1
May 9 Greater Greenville Classic South Carolina Sean Murphy 3
May 16 Knoxville Open Tennessee Tim Conley 1
May 23 Miami Valley Open Ohio Emlyn Aubrey 1
Jun 6 Dominion Open Virginia Ángel Franco 1
Jun 13 Cleveland Open Ohio Stan Utley 1
Jun 20 Connecticut Open Connecticut Dave Stockton, Jr 1
Jun 27 New England Classic Maine John Morse 1
Jul 4 White Rose Classic Pennsylvania Curt Byrum 1
Jul 11 Hawkeye Open Iowa Dave Stockton, Jr 2
Jul 18 Dakota Dunes Open South Dakota Alan Pate 1
Jul 25 Greater Ozarks Open Missouri Tommy Tolles 1
Aug 1 Mississippi Gulf Coast Classic Mississippi Jim Furyk 1
Aug 8 Permian Basin Open Texas Franklin Langham 1
Aug 15 New Mexico Charity Classic New Mexico Chris Patton 1
Aug 22 Wichita Open Kansas David Duval 1
Aug 29 Texarkana Open Arkansas Hugh Royer III 2
Sep 12 Tri-Cities Open Washington Steve Jurgensen 1
Sep 19 Utah Classic Utah Sean Murphy 4
Sep 26 Boise Open Idaho Tommy Moore 1
Oct 3 Sonoma County Open California Sean Murphy 5
Oct 10 Bakersfield Open California Clark Dennis 1
Oct 17 Nike Tour Championship Oregon David Duval 2

Money listedit

The top ten players on the final money list earned PGA Tour cards for 199423

Rank Player Country Earnings $
1 John Flannery  United States 166,293
2 Doug Martin  United States 147,003
3 Stan Utley  United States 144,127
4 Bob May  United States 132,656
5 John Morse  United States 122,627
6 Tommy Moore  United States 102,004
7 Olin Browne  United States 100,754
8 Larry Silveira  United States 93,098
9 Chris DiMarco  United States 90,687
10 Curt Byrum  United States 88,757

See alsoedit

  • 1993 Nike Tour graduates


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