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1990 Ben Hogan Tour

1990 ben hogan tour results, 1990 ben hogan tour schedule
The 1990 Ben Hogan Tour season was the first season of the Ben Hogan Tour, the PGA Tour's official developmental tour, now known as the Webcom Tour The top five players on the final money list earned PGA Tour cards for 1991


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The season ran from February 2 to October 21 and consisted of 30 events All of the tournament names began with "Ben Hogan", e g "Ben Hogan Bakersfield Open"; this is eliminated here for brevity1

Date Tournament Location Winner
Feb 4 Bakersfield Open California Mike Springer 1
Feb 11 Yuma Open Arizona Rick Pearson 1
Mar 4 South Texas Open Texas Brad Bell 1
Mar 11 Baton Rouge Open Louisiana Dicky Thompson 1
Mar 18 Mississippi Gulf Coast Classic Mississippi Dick Mast 1
Mar 25 Panama City Beach Classic Florida Buddy Gardner 1
Apr 1 Lake City Classic Florida Jim McGovern 1
Apr 15 Pensacola Classic Florida Dick Mast 2
Apr 22 Gateway Open Florida Ted Tryba 1
Apr 29 Macon Open Georgia Ed Humenik 1
May 13 Knoxville Open Tennessee Jeff Maggert 1
May 20 Elizabethtown Open Kentucky Dicky Thompson 2
Jun 3 Quicksilver Open Pennsylvania R W Eaks 1
Jun 10 Quail Hollow Open Ohio Barry Cheesman 1
Jun 17 Fort Wayne Open Indiana Dick Mast 3
Jul 1 Central New York Classic New York Tom Garner 1
Jul 8 New Haven Open Connecticut Jim McGovern 2
Jul 15 New England Classic Maine Brandel Chamblee 1
Jul 22 Buffalo Open New York Jeff Maggert 2
Aug 5 Dakota Dunes Open South Dakota Kim Young 1
Aug 12 Deer Creek Open Kansas Trevor Dodds 1
Aug 19 Greater Ozarks Open Missouri Jeff Cook 1
Aug 26 Reflection Ridge Open Kansas Tom Lehman 1
Sep 2 Texarkana Open Arkansas Jim McGovern 3
Sep 9 Amarillo Open Texas Lindy Miller 1
Sep 16 Utah Classic Utah John Daly 1
Sep 23 Boise Open Idaho Ricky Smallridge 1
Sep 30 Reno Open Nevada Mike Springer 2
Oct 7 Santa Rosa Open California Ed Humenik 2
Oct 21 El Paso Open Texas Mike Springer 3

Money listedit

The top five players on the final money list earned PGA Tour cards for 199123

Rank Player Country Earnings $
1 Jeff Maggert  United States 108,644
2 Jim McGovern  United States 99,841
3 Dick Mast  United States 92,521
4 Mike Springer  United States 82,906
5 Ed Humenik  United States 78,753

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