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1953 Pulitzer Prize

1953 pulitzer prize winner, 1953 pulitzer prize dramatist
The following are the Pulitzer Prizes for 1953

The gold medal awarded for Public Service in Journalism


  • 1 Journalism awards
  • 2 Letters, Drama and Music Awards
  • 3 Special Citations and Awards
  • 4 External links

Journalism awards

  • Public Service:
    • Whiteville NC News Reporter and Tabor City NC Tribune, two weekly newspapers, for their successful campaign against the Ku Klux Klan, waged on their own doorstep at the risk of economic loss and personal danger, culminating in the conviction of over one hundred Klansmen and an end to terrorism in their communities
  • Local Reporting, Edition Time:
    • Editorial Staff of Providence Journal and Evening Bulletin, for their spontaneous and cooperative coverage of a bank robbery and police chase leading to the capture of the bandit
  • Local Report, No Edition Time:
    • Edward J Mowery, New York World-Telegram and Sun, for his reporting of the facts which brought vindication and freedom to Louis Hoffner
  • National Reporting:
    • Don Whitehead of Associated Press, for his article called "The Great Deception," dealing with the intricate arrangements by which the safety of President-elect Dwight D Eisenhower was guarded en route from Morningside Heights in New York to Korea
  • International Reporting:
    • Austin Wehrwein, Milwaukee Journal, for a series of articles on Canada
  • Editorial Writing:
    • Vermont Connecticut Royster, Wall Street Journal, for distinguished editorial writing during the year
  • Editorial Cartooning:
    • Edward D Kuekes, The Plain Dealer: "Aftermath "
  • Photography:
    • William M Gallagher of Flint Mich Journal, for a photo of ex-Governor Adlai E Stevenson with a hole in his shoe taken during the 1952 Presidential campaign

Letters, Drama and Music Awards

  • Fiction:
    • The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway Scribner
  • History:
    • The Era of Good Feelings by George Dangerfield Harcourt
  • Biography or Autobiography:
    • Edmund Pendleton 1721-1803 by David J Mays Harvard Univ Press
  • Poetry:
    • Collected Poems 1917-1952 by Archibald MacLeish Houghton
  • Drama:
    • Picnic by William Inge Random House
  • Music:
    • not awarded

Special Citations and Awards

  • Special Citations and Awards - Journalism:
    • New York Times, for the section of its Sunday newspaper edited by Lester Markel and headed, "Review of the Week," which for seventeen years has brought enlightenment and intelligent commentary to its readers

External links

  • Pulitzer Prizes for 1953

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1953 Pulitzer Prize

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