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1904 in rail transport

1904 in rail transportation, 1904 in rail transport trucking
This article lists events related to rail transport that occurred in 1904


  • 1 Events
    • 11 February events
    • 12 March events
    • 13 May events
    • 14 July events
    • 15 August events
    • 16 September events
    • 17 October events
    • 18 December events
    • 19 Unknown date events
  • 2 Births
    • 21 July births
  • 3 Deaths
    • 31 April deaths
    • 32 October deaths
    • 33 November deaths
  • 4 References


February events

  • February 8 – Service begins on Canadian Pacific Railway's Maniwaki line between Hull, Québec, and Maniwaki, Québec

March events

  • March 8 – The Southern Pacific Railroad opens the Lucin Cutoff across the Great Salt Lake, bypassing Promontory, UT for the railroad's mainline
  • March 20 – The Southern Pacific Railroad completes the Coast Line between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, CA

May events

City of Truro
  • May 9 – Great Western Railway locomotive number 3440, City of Truro, becomes the first steam locomotive in Europe to travel at a generally recognised speed of over 100 mph 160 km/h when it hauls an Ocean Mails special from Plymouth to London Paddington
  • May 18 – New Haven Railroad reorganizes its subsidiary streetcar lines as the Consolidated Railway
  • May 25 – New Haven Railroad acquires control of Worcester and Southbridge Street Railway

July events

  • July 1 – The Great Western Railway of England introduces the express train between London Paddington and Penzance in Cornwall which becomes known as the Cornish Riviera Express
  • July 21 – The Trans-Siberian railway is completed
  • July 30 – New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad acquires control of New London Street Railway

August events

  • August 15 – The Grand Trunk Railway and Canadian Atlantic Railway sign an agreement that will place the Canadian Atlantic under Grand Trunk's control
Baghdad Railway
  • August 25 – The New Long Railroad Bridge across the Potomac River in Washington, DC, opens

September events

  • September 12 – Indianapolis Traction Terminal opens, the largest interurban terminal in the world
  • September 29 – New Haven Railroad completes the property acquisition of New London Street Railway

October events

  • October 25 – The first 200 km 120 mi section of the Baghdad Railway opens
City Hall IRT station
  • October 27 – The first underground line of the New York City Subway opens, operated by the Interborough Rapid Transit Company between City Hall and 145th Street at Broadway The car fleet available includes the first production all-steel passenger cars in the world from an order of 300 placed with American Car and Foundry:27

December events

  • December 31 – Rail line from Kerma to Wadi Halfa in Sudan officially abandoned

Unknown date events

  • The Tidewater Railway is chartered in Virginia
  • American Locomotive Company purchases the Locomotive and Machine Company of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, which soon becomes Montreal Locomotive Works
  • First Mallet locomotive built in the United States, Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Class O 0-6-6-0 helper #2400, by Alco
  • The United States government purchases the Panama Railway from the French canal company Compagnie Universelle du Canal Interocéanique
  • Lucius E Johnson succeeds Frederick J Kimball as president of the Norfolk and Western Railroad
  • American Car and Foundry acquires Southern Car and Foundry of Memphis, Tennessee
  • The Seebach-Wettingen Railway in Switzerland becomes the first to put into service a locomotive operating on high voltage alternating current single-phase electric power, at 15,000 V, 15 Hz
  • The Stubaitalbahn, a metre gauge interurban at Innsbruck in Austria becomes the first to operate commercially on single-phase electric power when it is electrified at 2500 V 42 Hz
  • Narrow gauge Ferrocarril de Hornos begins service for Coahuila's Hacienda de Hornos
  • Laconia Car Company completes the last passenger car commercially manufactured for Maine narrow gauge railroads


July births

  • July 30 – Buck Crump, president of Canadian Pacific Railway Limited 1955–1964 and 1966 died 1989


April deaths

  • April 16 – Samuel Smiles, British engineering biographer and railway manager born 1812

October deaths

  • October 4 – Henry C Payne, president of Milwaukee and Northern Railroad, The Milwaukee Electric Railway and Light Company and the Milwaukee and Cream City Traction Company, and receiver for Northern Pacific Railway in 1893 born 1843

November deaths

  • November 7 - R J Billinton, Locomotive, Carriage, Wagon and Marine Superintendent of the London, Brighton and South Coast Railway 1890-1904, dies b 1844


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