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1904 in poetry

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    • 23 Other in English
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  • Nobel Prize in Literature is shared by French poet Frédéric Mistral and Spanish dramatist José Echegaray y Eizaguirre
  • The National Monthly in Canada publishes an article by Arthur John Arbuthnott Stringer on Charles G D Roberts titled "The Father of Canadian Poetry", a title which stuck to Roberts, an influential poet, long afterward

Works published in English

United Kingdom

  • John Davidson, The Testament of a Prime Minister
  • Ford Madox Ford, The Face of the Night
  • Thomas Hardy, The Dynasts: A drama of the Napoleonic Wars, Part I, followed by Part II 1906 and Part III 1908
  • Henry Newbolt, Songs of the Sea
  • Alfred Noyes, Poems
  • AE George William Russell, The Divine Vision, and Other Poems
  • Christina Rossetti, Poetical Works, edited by W M Rossetti
  • Algernon Charles Swinburne, A Channel Passage, and Other Poems
  • William Watson, For England

United States

  • Florence Earle Coates 1850–1927, Mine and Thine
  • Joel Chandler Harris, The Tar Baby and Other Rhymes of Uncle Remus
  • Josephine Preston Peabody, Pan, A Choric Idyl
  • Carl Sandburg, In Reckless Ecstasy
  • John B Tabb, The Rosary in Rhyme

Other in English

  • Isabel Ecclestone Mackay, Between the Light, Canada
  • Nagesh Vishwanath Pai also spelled "Nagesh Vishwvanath Pai", Angel of Misfortune, India, Indian poetry in English
  • Agnes Ethelwyn Wetherald, The Radiant Road, Canada

Works published in other languages

  • Alexander Blok, Stikhi o prekrasnoi Dame "Verses to the Beautiful Lady", Russia, an early work of the Silver Age of Russian Poetry
  • Constantine P Cavafy, Waiting for the Barbarians, Greece
  • José Santos Chocano, Los cantos del Pacífico "The Songs of the Pacific", Peru
  • Sophus Claussen, Djavlerier "Diableries", Denmark
  • Zinaida Gippius, «Собрание стихов 1889–1903» "Collected Poems, 1889–1903", Russia
  • Pamphile Lemay, Les gouttelettes, sonnet sequence, French language, Canada
  • Saint-John Perse, pen name of Marie-René Alexis Saint-Léger, Images à Crusoé, published when the author is 17 years old, France
  • Charles Van Lerberghe, La Chanson d'Ève, France
  • Swami Vivekananda, Nachuk Tahate Shyama, India, Bengali


Death years link to the corresponding " in poetry" article:

  • January 21 – Richard P Blackmur died 1965, American poet and critic
  • January 23 – Louis Zukofsky died 1978, American poet and co-founder and primary theorist of the Objectivist group of poets
  • February 2 – A R D Fairburn died 1957, New Zealander
  • February 9 – Kikuko Kawakami 川上 喜久子 died 1985, Japanese Showa period novelist, short-story writer and poet, a woman
  • April 5 – Richard Eberhart died 2005, American poet and winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry in 1966 and a National Book Award in 1977
  • April 27 – Cecil Day-Lewis died 1972, Anglo-Irish poet, British Poet Laureate from 1967 to 1972, and mystery writer
  • May 13 – Earle Birney died 1995, Canadian poet and two-time winner of the Governor General's Award for Literature in 1942 and 1945
  • May 20 – Nagai Tatsuo 永井龍男, used the pen-name of "Tomonkyo" for his poetry died 1990, Japanese Showa period novelist, short-story writer, haiku poet, editor and journalist
  • May 26 – Necip Fazıl Kısakürek died 1983, Turkish
  • June 13 – John K Ewers died 1978, Australian
  • July 5 – Harold Acton died 1994, Anglo-Italian writer, scholar and dilettante
  • July 12 – Pablo Neruda died 1973, Chilean writer and Communist politician
  • August 15 – Subedar Mahmoodmiya Mohammad Imam, popularly known as "Asim Randeri" died 2009, Indian, Gujarati-language ghazal poet
  • October 21 – Patrick Kavanagh died 1967, Irish poet and novelist
  • October 29 – Audrey Alexandra Brown died 1998, Canadian
  • December 21 – Johannes Edfelt died 1997, Swedish poet
  • December 28 – Hori Tatsuo 堀 辰雄 died 1953, Japanese Showa period writer, poet and translator
  • December 31 – Fumiko Hayashi 林 芙美子 born this year or 1903 sources disagree – 1951, Japanese novelist, writer and poet a woman
  • Also:
    • J A R McKellar died 1932, Australian
    • Premendra Mitra died 1988, Bengali poet, novelist, short-story writer, including thrillers and science fiction
    • Alexander Vvedensky died 1941, Russian avant-garde poet


  • January 3 – Larin Paraske, 70 born 1833, Finnish Izhorian oral poet and rune-singer
  • January 8 – John Farrell born 1851, Australian
  • March 24 – Sir Edwin Arnold, 71, English poet and journalist
  • July 6 – Abai Qunanbaiuly, 58 born 1845, Kazakh poet, composer, philosopher and cultural reformer
  • October 4 – Adela Florence Nicolson, 39, English poet writing under the pseudonym "Laurence Hope", of suicide
  • October 11 – Trumbull Stickney, 40, American classical scholar and poet, from a brain tumor
  • October 17 – Ștefan Petică, 27 born 1877, Romanian Symbolist poet and writer, of tuberculosis

Awards and honors

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