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16α-Hydroxy-DHEA sulfate

16α hydroxy dhea sulfate levels, 16α hydroxy dhea sulfate high in women
16α-Hydroxydehydroepiandrosterone sulfate 16α-OH-DHEA-S, also known as 16α-hydroxy-17-oxoandrost-5-en-3β-yl sulfate, is an endogenous, naturally occurring steroid and a metabolic intermediate in the production of estriol from dehydroepiandrosterone DHEA during pregnancy It is the C3β sulfate ester of 16α-hydroxy-DHEA

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  • Pregnenolone sulfate
  • Dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate
  • 15α-Hydroxy-DHEA sulfate
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  • Estrone sulfate


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16α hydroxy dhea sulfate blood, 16α hydroxy dhea sulfate high in women, 16α hydroxy dhea sulfate levels, 16α hydroxy dhea sulfate supplement

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