Year 1384 MCCCLXXXIV was a leap year starting on Friday link will display the full calendar of the Julian calendar



  • May–September 3 – Siege of Lisbon by the Castilian army, during the 1383–85 Crisis in Portugal
  • August 16 – The Hongwu Emperor of Ming China hears a case of a couple who tore paper money notes while fighting over them Under the law, this is considered to be destroying stamped government documents, which is to be punished by a caning with a bamboo rod of 100 strokes However, the Emperor decides to pardon them, on the grounds that it was unintentional
  • November 16 – 10-year-old Jadwiga is crowned "King" of Poland in Kraków following the death of her father, King Louis, in 1382
  • December 25 – Use of the Spanish era dating system in the Crown of Castile is suppressed

Unknown Date

  • The Hongwu Emperor of China reinstates the Imperial examination system for drafting scholar-officials to the civil service after suspending the system since 1373 in favor of a recommendation system to office
  • The Nasrid princes of Al-Andalus replace Abu al-Abbas with Abu Faris Musa ibn Faris as ruler of the Marinid dynasty in modern-day Morocco
  • Zain Al-Abidin succeeds his father, Shah Shuja, as ruler of the Muzaffarids in central Persia
  • Shortly before his death, John Wycliffe sends out tracts against Pope Urban VI, who has not turned out to be the reformist Wycliffe had hoped
  • Qara Muhammad succeeds Bairam Khawaja as ruler of the Kara Koyunlu "Black Sheep Turkomans" in modern-day Armenia and northern Iraq
  • Timur conquers northern territories of the Jalayirid Empire in western Persia
  • Katharine Lady Berkeley's School is founded in Gloucestershire, England


  • January 6 – Edmund Holland, 4th Earl of Kent d 1408
  • August – Antoine, Duke of Brabant d 1415
  • August 11 – Yolande of Aragon d 1442
  • date unknown
    • St Frances of Rome d 1440
    • Khalil Sultan, ruler of Transoxiana d 1411
    • Sigismondo Polcastro, Italian physician and natural philosopher d 1473


  • January 30 – Louis II, Count of Flanders b 1330
  • May – William Douglas, 1st Earl of Douglas, Scottish magnate bc 1327
  • June 8 – Kan'ami, Japanese actor and playwright b 1333
  • August 6 – Francesco I of Lesbos
  • August 20 – Geert Groote, Dutch founder of the Brethren of the Common Life b 1340
  • September 10 – Joanna of Dreux, Countess of Penthievre and nominal Duchess of Brittany b 1319
  • September 20 – Louis I, Duke of Anjou b 1339
  • December 23 – Thomas Preljubović, ruler of Epirus
  • December 31 – John Wycliffe, English theologian, Bible translator and Catholic reform campaigner
  • date unknown
    • John of Fordun, Scottish chronicler
    • Peter of Enghien, Count of Lecce
    • Ruaidri mac Tairdelbach Ó Conchobair, King of Connacht
  • probable – Liubartas, King of Galicia


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