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Year 1297 MCCXCVII was a common year starting on Tuesday link will display the full calendar of the Julian calendar


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  • January 8 – The forces of Francesco Grimaldi storm the castle of Monaco the House of Grimaldi will remain rulers of the principality into the 21st Century
  • May 3 – Near Rome, Stefano Colonna captures the treasure sent by the Caetani family to the Pope
  • August 28 – Edward I of England unsuccessfully invades Flanders
  • September 11 – Battle of Stirling Bridge: The Scottish armies of Andrew Moray and William Wallace defeat the English
  • September 12 – King Denis of Portugal and King Ferdinand IV of Castile sign the Treaty of Alcanizes The geographic limits of Portugal are fixed permanently with the exception of São Félix de Galegos, lost in 1640 and Olivenza, lost in 1801
  • King Louis IX of France is canonized
  • As part of the Treaty of Anagni, the king of Aragon is recognized as ruler of the Kingdom of Sardinia and Corsica by the Pope, but both islands remain in practice under Pisan and Genoese control
  • A Portuguese Water Dog is first described in a monk’s report of a drowning sailor, who had been pulled from the sea by a dog
  • Sanremo is sold to the Doria and De Mari Families


  • March 25
    • Arnošt of Pardubice, Archbishop of Prague d 1364
    • Andronikos III Palaiologos, Byzantine emperor d 1341
  • August 14 – Emperor Hanazono of Japan d 1348
  • date unknown
    • Joseph Caspi, Provençal grammarian d 1340
    • Charles II, Count of Alençon 1325–1346, Count of Joigny 1335–1336 d 1346
    • Kęstutis, Grand Prince of Lithuania d 1382
    • Louis of Burgundy, King of Thessalonica d 1316
    • Thomas Wake, 2nd Baron Wake of Liddell d 1349
  • probable
    • Abu al-Hasan Ali ibn Othman, Sultan of Morocco d 1351
    • Margaret Wake, 3rd Baroness Wake of Liddell, sister-in-law of King Edward II of England and mother-in-law of Edward, the Black Prince


  • January 23 – Florent of Hainaut, Prince of Achaea b c 1255
  • February 22 – Saint Margaret of Cortona b 1247
  • March – Patriarch John XI of Constantinople b c 1225
  • May 18 – Nicholas Longespee, Bishop of Salisbury
  • August 13 – Nawrūz, Mongol emir
  • August 14 – Frederick III, Burgrave of Nuremberg b c 1220
  • August 16 – John II, Emperor of Trebizond b c 1262
  • August 19 – Saint Louis of Toulouse, French Catholic bishop b 1274
  • August 20 – William Fraser, bishop and Guardian of Scotland
  • September – Andrew Moray, Scottish resistance leader
  • September 11 – Hugh de Cressingham, English Treasurer
  • December 28 – Hugh Aycelin, French cardinal b 1230
  • date unknown
    • Ronald Crawford, Scottish clan chief b c 1240
    • Guido I da Polenta, Lord of Ravenna
    • Marianus II of Arborea, Judge of Arborea
  • probable – Nikephoros I Komnenos Doukas, ruler of Epirus


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