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Zygmunt Chychła

zygmunt chychła
Zygmunt Chychła 5 November 1926 in Gdańsk - 26 September 2009 in Hamburg was a Polish boxer He won the first post-World War II Olympic gold medal for Poland

In 1939 he began training at the Polish boxing club Gedania During the war he lost his Gdansk citizenship and was compulsorily conscripted into the Wehrmacht in 1944 In France he deserted and joined the 2nd Polish Army, led by general Władysław Anders, in Italy He returned to Poland in 1946

In 1947, he made his debut with the national boxing team of Poland, led by famous coach Feliks Stamm He started at the 1948 London Olympic Games and reached the quarterfinal In 1951 he won the European Amateur Boxing Championships in Milan He was chosen the best Polish Sportspersonality of the Year in a Plebiscite of the Sport Review

Chychła won the gold medal at the 1952 Summer Olympics in Helsinki beating in the final a representative of the Soviet Union, Sergei Scherbakov On the way to the final, he won against Julius Torma Czechoslovakia, the Olympic Champion from London in 1948 and the European Champion from Oslo in 1949 In the same year he was again selected by the Plebiscite of the Sport Review

After the Olympic Games, he found out that he was ill with tuberculosis He decided to resign from sports However, not wanting to lack a competitor at the 1953 European Amateur Boxing Championships in Warsaw, the Polish sports authorities introduced him by mistake, claiming that the disease had backed off He again won the gold medal there However, due to lack of treatment, Chychła's tuberculosis worsened, causing a considerable pit in his lungs Debilitated, he ended his sporting career in 1953 In the early 1970s, he emigrated to Germany

He boxed 17 times for the national team of Poland 15 fights won and 2 lost In his career, he fought 263 fights: 241 won, 10 tied, and 12 lost

He was awarded the Honourable Citizen of City of Gdańsk title in 2003

Zygmunt Chychła died on 26 September 2009 in Senior's House in Hamburg


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Amateur career

Chychła won the welterweight gold medal at the 1952 Helsinki Olympic games

Olympic results

  • Defeated Pierre Wouters Belgium 3-0
  • Defeated José Luis Dávalos Noriega Mexico 3-0
  • Defeated Július Torma Czechoslovakia 2-1
  • Defeated Günther Heidemann West Germany 2-1
  • Defeated Sergei Scherbakov Soviet Union 3-0

See also

  • Boxing at the 1952 Summer Olympics


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zygmunt chychła

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