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Barrie Rickards

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Professor Richard Barrie Rickards, 1938–2009, was Emeritus Professor in Palaeontology and Biostratigraphy at the Department of Earth Sciences, Cambridge University and Life Fellow of Emmanuel College He was best known for his work on Graptolites He is also a well-respected angler and was President of the Specialist Anglers' Alliance and the Lure Anglers' Society

He died from cancer on 5 November 2009, but was active to the end, writing books on fishing and papers on graptolites from his hospital bed and pursuing new research when at home in remission


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Education and Academic Career

Barrie Rickards grew up in Leeds and Goole in Yorkshire He held the following degrees: BSc, MA, PhD, ScD, and a DSc from the University of Hull


Barrie Rickards' work concentrated on the systematics and biodiversity of graptolites in the Palaeozoic This led to a better understanding of their palaeobiogeography and evolution, the manner of their recovery from mass extinctions, and a more precise understanding of Lazarus taxa, refugia and relict faunas


Barrie Rickards was one of the best-known and most successful pike anglers in Britain He was a Founding Fellow of the Pike Anglers' Club, and was past President of the Pike Society, the Lure Anglers' Society and the Specialist Anglers' Alliance

Selected publications

Barrie Rickards had written over 250 academic papers, 700 articles on fishing and some 30 books related to both fishing and palaeontology

  • Leggett, JK, McKerrow, WS, Cocks, LRM & Rickards, RB 1981, "Periodicity in the early Palaeozoic marine realm British Isles", Journal, Geological Society, vol 138, no 2, pp 167–176
  • Cuerda, AJ, Rickards, RB & Cingolani, C 1988, "A new Ordovician-Silurian boundary section in San Juan Province, Argentina, and its definitive graptolite fauna", Journal - Geological Society of London, vol 145, no 5, pp 749–757
  • Rickards, RB 1995, "Utility and precision of Silurian graptolite biozones", Lethaia, vol 28, no 2, pp 129–137
  • Rickards, RB, Packham, GH, Wright, AJ & Williamson, PL 1995, "Wenlock and Ludlow graptolite faunas and biostratigraphy of the Quarry Creek district, New South Wales", Memoir - Association of Australasian Palaeontologists, vol 17
  • Dean, WT, Monod, O, Rickards, RB, Demir, O & Bultynck, P 2000, "Lower Palaeozoic stratigraphy and palaeontology, Karadere-Zirze area, Pontus mountains, northern Turkey", Geological Magazine, vol 137, no 5, pp 555–582
  • Rickards, RB 2002, "The graptolitic age of the type Ashgill Series Ordovician, Cumbria, UK", Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society, vol 54, no 1, pp 1–16
  • Rickards, B 2007, Richard Walker: Biography of an Angling Legend Medlar Press, 320pp


  • Lyell Medal, The Geological Society, 1997


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External links

  • Personal page on Emmanuel College's web site

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