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Keith Fagnou

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Keith Fagnou June 27, 1971 – November 11, 2009 was a Canadian organic chemist and associate professor of organic chemistry at the University of Ottawa His research focused on developing new reactions that avoid unnecessary activation of substrates and that can instead directly functionalize C–H bonds of simple molecules and introduce C–C bonds


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Dr Keith Fagnou was born on June 27, 1971 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Fagnou, a former naval reserve officer, pursued studies at the University of Saskatchewan and received a Bachelor of Education BEd in 1995 After teaching at the high school level for a short period, he continued his studies in chemistry at the University of Toronto in 1998 under the supervision of Mark Lautens In 2000 he received his MSc degree, and in 2002 his PhD Professor Lautens said that Keith "was exceptionally bright and exceptionally down-to-earth and was the most productive person, in the history of his research group" After his PhD, he joined the faculty at the University of Ottawa as an assistant professor and in 2007 was promoted to associate professor with tenure and awarded a University of Ottawa Research Chair in the Development of Novel Catalytic Transformations

While at the University of Ottawa, he established a research program primarily devoted to the development of novel "direct arylation" reactions which allow for the rapid synthesis of important building blocks in medicinal chemistry Of note, the development of direct arylation of benzene and pyridine N-oxide Members of his research group are sometimes referred to as "The Fagnou Factory" His contributions in the field were rewarded with numerous awards and have been included in reviews published on the subject

Dr Keith Fagnou died of complications resulting from a H1N1 influenza infection on November 11, 2009 at the age of 38

The University of Ottawa established the "Keith Fagnou Scholarship in Science" in his memory The members of his research group also organized a symposium KFOS in his honour which was held May 5–7, 2010 The Pacifichem chemistry conference also held a memorial symposium titled "C-H Functionalization, Memorial Symposium for Professor Keith Fagnou" In 2011, Keith was recognized as the #77 chemist in the world over the period 2000-2010 on the basis of citations per paper, according to Thomson-Reuters' Sciencewatchcom


  • Rutherford Memorial Medal 2009
  • OMCOS Award 2009
  • Sloan Research Fellowship 2008
  • Merck Process Award 2008
  • Eli Lilly Grantee 2007–2009
  • NSERC Discovery Accelerator Supplement Award 2007–2009
  • Amgen Young Investigator's Award 2007
  • Astra Zeneca Award for Chemistry 2007
  • University of Ottawa Research Chair in Novel Catalytic Transformations 2007–2012
  • Merck Process Research Award 2007
  • University of Ottawa Young Researcher of the Year 2006
  • Ichikizaki Travel Grant Award 2006
  • Boehringer Ingelheim Young Investigator Award in Organic Chemistry 2005
  • Cottrell Scholar Award 2005
  • Ichikizaki Travel Grant Award 2005
  • Premier's Research Excellence Award 2003
  • John C Polanyi Award in Chemistry 2003


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