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Yoshiteru Abe

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Yoshiteru Abe 安倍 吉輝, Abe Yoshiteru, September 28, 1941 – October 25, 2009 was a Japanese professional 9 dan Go player


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Yoshiteru Abe was born in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan and became an insei in 1954 As a member of the Nihon Ki-in, he obtained the rank of 9 dan in 1986 Abe tutored several students, including Masaaki Kanagawa and Jo Kenmochi, as well as his daughter, Yumiko Okada


  • Abe, Yoshiteru, Dramatic Moments On the Go Board, Yutopian Enterprises, 2004
  • Abe, Yoshiteru, Step Up to a Higher Level, Yutopian Enterprises, 2004


  • Journalist Club Prize


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