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Club Veg

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Club Veg initially called The Morning After Show on Triple J was an Australian radio show created and presented by the comedic duo of Vic Davies and Mal Lees on Triple J 1984–86 and later on Triple M 1988–2002 A typical show featured "song parodies and comic sketches" The duo also released two albums, Members and Guests & Things 1988 and We Suck 2000 Each was nominated for an ARIA Award for Best Comedy Release in the relevant years The show was cancelled at the end of 2002 and the duo split In mid-2009 Davies was diagnosed with lung cancer and died of the disease on 7 November 2009, aged 55


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The duo started working together when Vic Davies copywriter and Mal Lees then the afternoon announcer, music director met at radio station, 2KA, Katoomba in the mid-1970s Both were fans of the Beatles, Monty Python and thinking outside the box – and being told off for it They then worked at 2WS, Sydney; writing and producing comedy for Mad Mel but realised that they had a great comedy partnership and could write better for themselves than for others Armed with some tapes from 2WS, Lees called Marius Webb at Triple J and introduced Webb to a new form of radio comedy It resulted in them being hired – they started with The Morning After Show in 1984

While at Triple J, the duo also hosted a theme night at the Tivoli in George Street, Sydney and because their listeners referred to them as "The Vegies" due to their zany, mock-vegetative presenting style they called the nights, Club Veg When their Saturday breakfast show was moved to drive time, The Morning After Show, name no longer fit and, as their listeners still referred to "The Vegies", they changed its name to Club Veg

The duo parodied a number of people including radio presenter, John Laws, and Jack Jones who sang the Love Boat theme After 18 months rival station, 2SM, offered the Club Veg team the drive shift and soon after the breakfast slot, before Triple M Sydney poached them for the night time show late in 1987

With Club Veg, Triple M introduced the first FM nightly countdown, "Rock Poll" Together with their FM talk back and comedy format it was a winning combination It was this period when Club Veg recorded the highest 7 pm – 10 pm results in Australian radio history and on their second stint at Triple M Sydney 1998–99, Club Veg was the first show to break Laws' long reign over the 9am-12Noon slot, beating him twice

Club Veg provided song parodies; surprise Live SFX; 'Sucked In" calls; responses of being "Not too foul" when listener's would call in and ask how they were, and following a successful drive campaign for an Indian sauce brand "Pataks" and Mal's nightly sunsets over Sydney The show was awarded a 1987 New York Radio Comedy Award and the Australian Radio Award later known as an ACRA in 1990 for Best On-Air Team At the ARIA Music Awards of 1989 their debut album, Members and Guests and Things was nominated for Best Comedy Release; their second album, We Suck, was nominated in the same category in 2000

The partnership ended in 2002 after their contract was not renewed by Triple M Sydney Lees continued with his career in radio, initially at C913 On 7 November 2009 Vic Davies died of lung cancer – he had been diagnosed six months earlier – he was 55 and was survived by his wife, four children and four grandchildren

Radio Shows

  • Triple J – 1984 to 1986
  • 2SM – 1986 to 1988
  • Triple M Sydney – 1988 to 1994
  • Triple M Perth – 1994 to 1995
  • Triple M Sydney – 1998 to 2002


  • 1988 Members and Guests & Things – featuring "The Yuppie Rap" and "Vinyl Pants"
  • 2000 We Suck featuring "The Wanker Song"

See also

  • List of Triple J presenters


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External links

  • "Yuppie Rap" on youtubecom
  • "Vinyl Pants" on youtubecom

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