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Suhrab Faqir

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Sohrab Fakir Sindhi: سُهراب فقير صوفي‎ - October 23, 2009 was a Sindhi renowned Sufi-singer from Sindh His full name is Sohrab Fakir Manganhar He was born in 1934 in Talpur wada near Khairpur Mir's His father, Hamal Fakir, was a disciple of Kush Khair Muhammad Fakir He was also famous all over the world, he was king of Sufi-music in Sindh and was conceived as one of the greatest mystic singers of Pakistan He was recipient of Pride of Performance Award 1999 Besides own country he also performed all over the world


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Early life & death

Suhrab Faqir was born in 1936 at Talpur wada village of Kot Diji town, district Khairpur in a musicians family which had migrated from Jaisalmeer of Indian subcontinent and he died of kidney disease on October 23, 2009 there at Talpur wada near Kotdiji in October 23, 2009 Nowadays his younger son Salamat Suhrab Faqeer started singing on same tradition which he learnt from his Father and further information taking under the guidance of Ustad Shafi Faqeer


He started playing Tabla from the Ustad Khursheed Ali Khan and his singing career was started in 1974, when he was asked by Ustad Manzoor Ali Khan to sing at the Urs celebration of Sakhi Allahyar near Tando Mohammad Khan He was introduced to the Radio at the Radio Pakistan Khairpur by the renowned Sindhi writer Tanveer Abbasi, where he recorded two songs of Ghamdal Faqir among one of those Galyan Prem Nagar Diyan song earned him a name and fame throughout Sindh He moved around the world to the Britain, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway and France where his artistry got highly appreciations He sang with other singers as well such as Jamal Faqir

Sohrab Fakir was recognized as the greatest Sindhi folk singer in his style of music, playing the yaktaro single stringed instrument and chappar wooden clappers Sadly, a paralytic stroke had recently left Saaiin Sohrab voiceless He spent some of his final days at a Sufi shrine in Sindh Aptly perhaps, the Fakir's rendering of a folk prayer asking for the intercession of the grace of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai is also included in this collection

He started singing with his uncles at eight years old He went to Khan Sahab Khety Khan in Rohri for more musical education He sang his first song at shrine of Kush Khair Muhammad, was Kadhy Kadam Kaya Khan Bahar Ker

He started his career on Radio Pakistan, Khairpur with famous Raag song of Gamdil Fakir, Galiyan Prem Nagar Diyan, and he became famous everywhere in country Soharab Fakir was given the Sachal Award for his achievements


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