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Abigail McLellan

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Abigail McLellan 11 July 1969 – 11 October 2009 was a Scottish artist She primarily showed her work at the Rebecca Hossack Gallery and the Glasgow Print Studio


McLellan was born in Middlesbrough, where her father was an engineer with ICI, but her family moved to Dumfries when she was 12 years old McLellan had two older sisters

McLellan trained at the Glasgow School of Art In 1987, she also went to Cincinnati University on a scholarship Later, she attended the Cite Internationale de arts studios in Paris, France She exhibited at the National Portrait Exhibition at the Royal Scottish Academy

In 1998, McLellan began to show signs of health issues while in Japan She was later diagnosed with multiple sclerosis Despite the diagnosis, McLellan insisted on living her life in a similar manner to before she suffered from the illness: she walked up four flights of stairs to her studio for as long as she was able When she could no longer stand, she worked in her studio from a wheelchair

She was noted for still-life paintings consisting of "pared-down, almost abstracted, images of single plants, flowers, and other distinct items, set against richly-worked backgrounds of saturated colour" and portraits, both bearing the strong influence of Japanese art Scottish art traditions were also an important influence on her work The process of creating her art involved a "detailed process" of building up multiple layers of acrylic paint on canvas

McLellan was considered a hard worker, and had been in her studio working the day she died

McLellan met her partner, painter Alasdair Wallace, at the Glasgow School of Art After being together for eighteen years, they married in 2009 She died aged 40 the same year from complications of multiple sclerosis


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