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Doreen Reid Nakamarra

doreen reid nakamarra, doreen nakamarra
Doreen Reid Nakamarra c 1955 - 20 October 2009 was an Australian Aboriginal artist and painter Reid was considered an important artist within the Western Desert cultural bloc She was a leading painter at the Papunya Tula artist cooperative in Central Australia

Reid was born in Mummine near Warburton, Western Australia in the mid-1950s In 1984, Reid and her husband George Tjampu Tjapaltjarri, who subsequently established himself as a Papunya Tula painter, settled at the new community of Kiwirrkurra, to be closer to her husband's country In 2007, Reid's work was displayed at the National Gallery of Australia's Culture Warriors exhibition The exhibit, including Reid's pieces, toured Australia state galleries before opening at the Katzen Arts Center in Washington DC in September 2009

Additionally, Reid's work was featured at the Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art in 2009 She was awarded the Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award general painting prize in 2008 for an untitled work The work depicts designs associated with the Marrapinti rockhole site, west of the Pollock Hills in Western Australia

In September 2009, Reid travelled to New York City for the opening of a Papunya Tula art exhibition which included her work The New York exhibition was opened by Hetti Perkins, the curator of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art at the Art Gallery of New South Wales in Sydney

On 18 October 2009, Reid was admitted to the hospital for treatment of pneumonia She was flown from Alice Springs to Adelaide, where she died in the hospital on 20 October 2009, at the age of 50

Paul Sweeney, the general manager of Papunya Tula, praised Reid as an important artist and spokesperson


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  • Doreen Reid Nakamarra accepting the NATSIAA General Painting Award in 2008

doreen nakamarra, doreen reid nakamarra

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