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Herman Reich

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Herman Charles Reich November 23, 1917 – October 22, 2009 was an American first baseman/right fielder in Major League Baseball who played for three teams during the 1949 season Listed at 6 ft 2 in 188 m, 200 lb 91 kg, Reich batted right-handed and threw left-handed A native of Bell, California, he attended Loyola Marymount University


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Reich has the rare distinction of being part of three transactions in his only major league season He appeared in three games with the Cleveland Indians 1 and Washington Senators 2 before joining the Chicago Cubs, all during a period of 48 days He became the regular first baseman for the Cubs and also was among the team's nine right fielders Before the 1950 season, he was sold by the Cubs to the Chicago White Sox but did not play for them

In one season career, Reich was a 279 hitter 108-for-286 with three home runs and 34 RBI in 111 games, including 43 runs, 18 doubles, two triples, four stolen bases, and a 306 on-base percentage

Following his brief stint in major leagues, Reich resumed his career in the minors and also managed the 1961 Idaho Falls Russets of the Pioneer League


  • Nov 10, 1948 – Drafted by the Cleveland Indians from the Portland Beavers PCL in the rule 5 draft
  • Apr 30, 1949 – Selected off waivers by the Washington Senators from the Indians
  • May 10, 1949 – Returned to the Indians by Washington following previous waiver selection
  • May 18, 1949 – Selected off waivers by the Chicago Cubs from the Indians
  • Feb  2, 1950 – Purchased by the Chicago White Sox from the Cubs

Throws left/Bats right

  • Notably, Reich also was one of those rare players who were not primarily pitchers in major league history who threw left-handed but batted right-handed Other such players include Johnny Cooney, Rickey Henderson, Cleon Jones, Chucho Ramos, Cody Ross and Jimmy Ryan

External links

  • Career statistics and player information from Baseball-Reference
  • BR Bullpen
  • Retrosheet

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