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Plaza de Toros de La Merced

Plaza de Toros de Merced is a bullring in Huelva, Spain It is currently used for bull fighting The stadium holds 15,000 spectators It was opened in 1902[1] References ^ "Archived copy" Archived from the original on 2011-10-11 Retrieved 2011-10-04CS1 maint: Archived copy as title linkmw-parser-output citecitationmw-parser-output citation qmw-parser-output citation cs1-lock-free amw-parser-output citation cs1-lock-limited a,mw-parser-output citation cs1-lock-registration amw-parser-outp...

Plaza de Toros de El Bibio

The Plaza de Toros de El Bibio is a bullring located in Gijón, Asturias, Spain Situated in the neighbourhood of El Bibio, it was inaugurated on August 12, 1888, with a bullfighting with Luis Mazzantini and Rafael Guerra, Guerrita[1] The bullring was destroyed in the Spanish Civil War and it was renovated in 1997 On March 20, 1992, it was declared Bien de Interés Cultural[2] Apart from bullfighting, the ring is also used for music concerts Aerial view of the bullring ...

Plaza de toros de El Puerto

The Real Plaza de Toros de El Puerto de Santa María is a bullring in El Puerto de Santa María, Spain Dating from the 19th century, it has an eclectic architectural style and was completed in 1880 It is the work of Manuel Portillo de Avila y Herrera The arena is 99 metres in diameter and the central ruedo measures 60 m It is estimated to hold 12,186 spectators, making it one of the largest rings in Spain behind Madrid's Las Ventas and the ring in Valencia External links Wikimedia Commons...

Coliseum Burgos

The Coliseum Burgos, formerly named as Plaza de Toros de Burgos, is an indoor arena mainly used as bullring located in Burgos, Spain Contents 1 History 11 Plaza de Toros de Burgos 1967–2015 12 Coliseum Burgos 2015–present 2 References 3 External links History Plaza de Toros de Burgos 1967–2015 Before a bullfight in 2009 Built between 1966 and 1967, the bullring was inaugurated on 28 June 1967 with a corrida by Jaime Ostos, El Cordobés and Tinín In 1975, the bullring hosted the first po...

Plaza de Toros de Albacete

The Plaza de Toros de Albacete is a bullring in the town of the Albacete, in the region of Castilla-La Mancha Spain Popularly known as "La Chata", a member of the Royal Academy, José Maria de Cossio, called it "one of the most excellent bullrings of Spain"[1] Contents 1 History 11 The first bullfights: La plaza del Altozano Hill-top 12 The second bullring nineteenth century 13 The current bullring 2 References History The first bullfights: La plaza del Altozano Hill-top The city...

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