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Battle of Wadi Akarit

 United Kingdom  British India  New Zealand  Greece  Germany ItalyCommanders and leaders Bernard Montgomery Giovanni MesseStrength 3 divisions 24,500 estimatedCasualties and losses 1,289 killed, wounded or missing32 tanks 7,000 prisonersveTunisian campaign Run for Tunis Sidi Bou Zid Kasserine Pass Sedjenane Ochsenkopf Medenine Mareth Line El Guettar Wadi Akarit Longstop Hill Hill 609 Vulcan Flax Retribution Strike veNorth African campaignWestern Desert campaign ...

Operation Ochsenkopf

Unternehmen Ochsenkopf Operation Ox Head also known as the Battle of Sidi Nsir, and the Battle of Hunts Gap was an Axis offensive operation in Tunisia from 26 February – 4 March 1943, during the Tunisia Campaign of the Second World War The offensive and a subsidiary operation Unternehmen Ausladung, was intended to gain control of Medjez el Bab, Béja, El Aroussa, Djebel Abiod and a position known as Hunt's Gap, between the British First Army and the Axis Army Group Africa Heeresgruppe Afrika/Grup...

Battle of Port Lyautey

The Battle of Port Lyautey began on 8 November 1942 for the city of Port Lyautey, today known as Kenitra, in French Morocco The battle ended with its capture and occupation by American troops, overrunning French forces after more than two days of fierce fighting Contents 1 Objectives 2 Command structure 3 Prelude 31 Planning 32 Preparation for battle 321 Logistics and embarkation 322 Lyautey airfield support 4 Battle 41 7 November 42 8 November 43 9 November 44 10 November 5 Aftermath...

Operation Terminal

Operation Terminal was an Allied operation during World War II Part of Operation Torch the Allied invasion of French North Africa, 8 November 1942 it involved a direct landing of infantry into the Vichy French port of Algiers with the intention of capturing the port facilities before they could be destroyed[2] Contents 1 Background 2 Action 3 Aftermath 4 See also 5 Notes 6 References Background The attacking forces were two Royal Navy destroyers, HMS Malcolm and HMS Broke ...

Operation Reservist

Royal Navy US Navy 6th Infantry Regiment 3rd Battalion UnknownStrength 393 landing troops2 sloops 4,000 soldiers31 warshipsCasualties and losses  United States:194 killed164 wounded United Kingdom:113 killed86 wounded2 sloops destroyed 165 killedveNorth African campaignWestern Desert campaign Invasion of Egypt Compass Fort Capuzzo Nibeiwa Sidi Barrani Bardia Mechili Beda Fomm Kufra Giarabub Sonnenblume Tobruk Raid on Bardia Twin Pimples Skorpion Brevity Battleaxe Crusader Flipper 1st ...

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