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Channel 55

Channel 55 refers to several television stations In System M and System N countries, channel 55 is allocated to UHF frequencies covering 71725-72175 MHz In the United States and Canada, the bandwidth used by channel 55 has been reallocated for wireless communication use, with its use for television broadcasting being phased out This frequency was formerly in use by MediaFLO, a US system developed by Qualcomm to send video and media to mobile devices, which was discontinued in February 2011, wit...

Flash cut

A flash cut, also called a flash cutover, is an immediate change in a complex system, with no phase-in period In the United States, some telephone area codes were split or overlaid immediately, rather than being phased in with a permissive dialing period An example is telephone area code 213, which serves downtown Los Angeles and its immediate environs, split in January 1951 into 213 and 714 all at once Another example is an immediate switch from an analog television channel to a digital televi...

Channel 81

Channel 81 has been used to refer to: BBC Parliament, a digital television channel on the British Freeview terrestrial service A rarely used NTSC-M channel 872-878 MHz, removed from television use in 1983 While no known terrestrial television stations in North America originated on this frequency, channels 70-83 in the United States were employed as a "translator band" of small repeater transmitters rebroadcasting existing stations: KKTV CBS Pueblo rebroadcaster K81BG Deora, Colorado move...

Channel 57

Channel 57 refers to several television stations: Contents 1 Canada 2 Mexico 3 United States 4 See also Canada The following television stations operate on virtual channel 57 in Canada: CIMT-DT-7 in Les Escoumins, Quebec CITY-DT in Toronto, Ontario Mexico The following television stations operate on virtual channel 57 in Mexico: XHLAR-TDT in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas XHUAA-TDT in Tijuana, Baja California United States The following low-power television stations broadcast on analog channel ...

Channel 83

Channel 83 was removed from television use in 1983 The highest frequency to have been used for NTSC-M terrestrial TV broadcasting, it was formerly used by a handful of television stations in North America which broadcast on 884-890 MHz In the United States, channels 70-83 served primarily as a "translator band" for low-power repeater transmitters filling gaps in coverage for existing stations Many are defunct, with the few still in existence now moved to lower frequencies: CFQC-TV CTV Saskatoon...

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