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Chris Geddes

Chris Geddes born 15 October 1975 is the keyboardist for and a founding member of the Scottish indie pop band Belle & Sebastian Born in Stroud, England, he is a vegetarian,[1] the latter earning him the nickname of "Beans"[2] He attended the University of Glasgow He also likes going to the East End to see Celtic[3] References ^ "The 2008 World's Sexiest Vegetarians Are… // Out There // peta2" Archived from the original on 17 July 2008 Retrieved 17 July 2008mw-parse...

Anika (musician)

Anika born Annika Henderson; 6 February 1987 in Surrey, UK is a British and German singer-songwriter, musician, political journalist and poet Contents 1 Life and career 2 DJ 3 Discography 31 Albums 32 EPs 33 Singles 34 Album Features 4 References 5 External links Life and career Before she began her singing career, Anika was a political journalist who spent her time between Berlin and Bristol, England She met producer Geoff Barrow of Portishead, who was looking for a female vocalist to w...

Star Slinger

Star Slinger born Darren Williams is an Electronic music producer and DJ based in Manchester, UK, taking influences mainly from house and hip hop[1][2] Star Slinger first came to attention after self-releasing a beat tape in the summer of 2010 entitled "Volume 1" Shortly after Williams picked up noteworthy press interest from Pitchfork Media, SPIN Magazine, Dazed & Confused Magazine and was interviewed by Annie Mac on BBC Radio 1 He has collaborated with James Vincent McMorro...

O Emperor

O Emperor are a rock band from Waterford, Ireland Contents 1 History 11 Background 12 Debut album: Hither Thither 13 Present 2 Discography 21 Studio albums 22 Extended plays 3 References 4 External links History Background O Emperor are a five piece rock band from Waterford, Ireland All members met in secondary school in Waterford and for these years went under a number of guises, performing covers in pubs and clubs throughout Waterford city The five went to college in Cork and durin...

Zombie Zombie (band)

Zombie Zombie are a French electropop duo Their work includes re-interpretations of the music of John Carpenter and Sun Ra Their performances include classic electronic instruments such as the Therimin Zombie Zombie performed a live soundtrack to Battleship Potemkin open air on the back of a tug boat in the Jersey Harbour as part of the Branchage Film Festival in September 2010 Air time The band have been played by Gideon Coe, Tom Ravenscroft, Joe Cornish and Iggy Pop on BBC 6 Music External ...

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