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Sailor tribes

Seafaring tribes or seafaring peoples were sailors, warrior peoples who occupied the Greek Peninsula, Anatolia, Syria, Phoenician, Palestine, Cyprus and Egypt towards the end of the Bronze Age, especially in the 13th century BC. [1] Like the Hittites, they are held responsible for the demolition of the great empires of the ancient period. [1]
Since the historical records of the Ancient Near East of this period disappeared during the invasions, the picture that emerged cannot be known in detail. The main records of this period are unilateral but Egyptian records. Some of the information was obtained from the Hittite records and archaeological findings. [1]
Egyptians fought the Sailors twice. The first is the fifth year of King Merneptah's power (1236-23 BC), the second is III. It took place during the time of Ramses (c. 1198-66 BC). They settled in the region known as Palestine in the 12th century and caused this place to be referred to as Palestine. [2]
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