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Chiaramonte Gulfi

Coordinates: 37 ° 1′52 ″ K 14 ° 42′10 ″ D / 37.03111 ° K 14.70278 ° D / 37.03111; 14.70278
Chiaramonte Gulfi, a town and a commune in the Sicily Autonomous Region of Italy, located in the province of Ragusa, 15 km north of the city of Ragusa.
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Geographic location
Location of the Chiaramonte Gulfi commune in the province of Ragusa
Chiaramonte Gülfi is a town established on a hill with an altitude of 668 m. The highest point of the commune is "Arcibessi Mountain" with an altitude of 907 m. The town is located right above the Ipoparı valley, and looking at the south direction, the towns of Comiso, Vittoria, Acate and the Mediterranean are visible in this valley; When looking north, you can observe the Etna Volcano and when looking west, the Erean Mountains and the town of Caltegirone can be observed. For this reason, the town of Chiaramonte Gülfi is called "The Balcony of Sicily".
Population development
The population of Chiaramonte Gulfi in the commune boundaries (as of 31.11.2010 estimates) is 8.181 people and the population density is 64.93 people / km². The development of the population of Chiaramonte Gulfi in the 19th and 20th centuries can be seen in the following demonstration: [1]
The local economy is based on agriculture. Agriculture in particular: olive cultivation, viticulture, almond cultivation and bovine and pig based animal husbandry. Since the quality of Chiaramonte Gulfi olive oil is very high, the olives grown here are given the title of "Protected geographical area crop" and they are sold at a premium price. . Construction of the 14th century
Santa Maria la Nova Press: On the main square of the town
Santuario di Gülfi Church: Just outside the town
Santo Vito Church ": South of town
Gerosolimitano di San Giovanni Battista Church: The town's The church at its high point
Villa Comunale: A public park built in the style of the Italian type garden with a balcony to see the panoramic views. Affiliated districts and villages
Chiaramonte Gulfi affiliated districts are: Piano dell'Acqua, Roccazzo , Sperlinga
Neighboring communes
Chiaramonte Gulfi commune borders with the following communes: Acate, Comiso, Licodia Eubea (CT), Mazzarrone (CT), Monterosso Almo, Ragusa, Vittoria
Sister cities
Chiaramonte Gulfi has established a sister city connection with the cities:
Clermont, Oise, France. Pictures
Chiaramonte Gulfi
Chiaramonte Gulfi - "Arch of Annunziata" city entrance gate
Chiaramonte Gulfi - "Santuario di Gulfi Church si "
| Chiaramonte Gulfi -" Santa Maria Basilica "
^ Source: Italian Wikipedia" Chiaramonte Gulfi "article
Gulfi Italian Wikipedia" Chiaramonte Gulfi "article (Italian)
See also
Ragusa province
Sicily Autonomous Region
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Chiaramonte Gulfi Municipality official website (Italian)
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Chiaramonte Gulfi

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