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White (or white) is an achromatic color that covers all colors of visible wavelengths. White light can be generated by mixing red, green and blue lights. In the past, white was considered to be the natural color of light, but Newton proved that white on the contrary, is a combination of all colors

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The use of white in painting is a very skillful technique. Contrary to light, white should not be mixed with any color as a paint.
White is a symbol of purity in Turkish society and in many other societies. In addition, white, which is considered to be the opposite of black, is also the symbol of light and is meaningful in Turkish with the word white. The white flag is your expression of goodwill and a white page is the expression of new beginnings. Only in Chinese and Indian cultures is the reverse and white is the symbol of death, mourning and evil. It also stands for stability and continuity. White color is often used in politics for its connotations of cleanliness and honesty.
The origin of the word
The "white" in Turkish is not enough; Arabic "milk" meaning "white" is taken. [1]
^ Hepçilingirler, Feyza. Yıldız Technical University Department of Turkish Language. Cumhuriyet Kitap Issue: 971
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Akla kara (in the Turkish Language Magazine). About the etymology of the words White and Black.
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