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Bekir Yildiz (politician)

Bekir Yıldız d 1951, Kayseri, mayor of Kocasinan [1]
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He completed his primary, secondary and high school education in Kayseri. He graduated from Bozatlıpaşa Primary School in 1962 and Nazmi Toker Secondary School in 1965. Engineering and Galatasaray Faculty of Construction has graduated from in 1976. Careers
student years in the Turkish National student Union MTTB took part in the Board of Directors operates in 21 branches MTTB Sports Club made its Presidency in 6 branches received the award by participating in competitions throughout Turkey student years in worked on theater, cinema and photography as well as sports
After graduating from the university Ministry of Public Works 7 Regional Directorate 'control engineer' as served had the opportunity to earthquakes investigation occurred in Turkey during this time Reviews Military İzmir Gaziemir was completed in 1978 as the Transportation Lieutenant Military return Erciyes University Construction Works took part in the Department more then worked as a contractor and civil engineer in Mersin, Antalya, Ankara and Istanbul along with Kayseri and its districts
Political career
Kocasinan elected Mayor of the Prosperity Party in the 27 March 1994 Local Elections 18 April 1999 Local Elected in Virtue Party 2 times elected president Bekir Yildiz, March 28, 2004 Local Administrations Election Justice and Development Party with a vote close to 70 percent of the AK Party was elected 3 times mayor
29 March 2009 was elected as Mayor of Kocasinan for the fourth time with 51.6% of votes in local administrations [2]
Kocasinan Belediye B love Bekir Yıldız is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kayseri and Vicinity Electricity Generation Inc. which built Yamula Dam
^ Kocasinan Municipality, Mayor Bekir YILDIZ
^ 2009 Local Election Results
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